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New Cross is located in south London, and comes under the London Borough of Lewisham. I know that New Cross is a very unusual name, but it does not have anything to do with a Christian cross at all. New Cross in London used to be a major turnpike or traffic exchange. Goods from outside of London used to enter London via New Cross, or Hatcham as it was called then. There was also a famous inn Here in New Cross called the Golden Cross and that may have attributed to the name. It is certainly area of historic importance in London.

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This is a great part of London to visit if you are staying in London for a longer period of time. It is close to central London, and you can be in central London in a matter of minutes really. Lots of people who live in New Cross work in London, and many of them work within the financial services industry.

Also, New Cross is a great place to come if you want to date Black escorts. We have rather a large ethnic community here in New Cross, and our low cost New Cross escorts can offer you some really hot dates with stunning Black ladies if you like.

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I have to admit that sometimes I am a bit of a greedy boy and arrange a duo date. Before I started to date New Cross escorts, I did not know that there was such a thing as duo dating. Now I am always on the look out for hot duo girls at New Cross escort

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Cleo is one of the more exotic girls at New Cross escorts. She has been with the agency for some time, and she has tons of experience when it comes to dating. I am not sure where Cleo is from but she says that she comes from the Middle East.

You can tell, she has long dark hair with a bit of gold sheen to it. Her body is to die for and she kind of walks like a cat. Whenever I visit her at New Cross escorts I feel like she is getting ready to pounce on me. Her breasts are well shaped and are delicate enough for any gent to enjoy. Cleo has a passion for dance, and if you have been a really good boy, this hot offering from New Cross escorts likes to treat you to an exotic dance or two. She is one of my favorite babes at cheap New Cross escorts.

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There is no way that I am going to give up on this part of London. Yes, it is becoming more and more ethnically challenging to live here, but I don’t mind that at all. I can cope with most things as long as I have my girls from New Cross escorts nearby. If you are single guy like me, there are plenty of places to go in New Cross. There are bars, pubs and restaurants, and with New Cross escorts, there is never any need for you to be alone. The sexiest girls in South London are only a quick phone call away.

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