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Mile End is located in east London, and forms part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It actually one of the older parts of London, and can be traced back to 1288. The Mile End was than known as La Mile Ende and is was the main road from London to the east. The Mile End is today considered to be part of the old East End of London, and much of the original flavor of London can still be found here. Lots of “new” London has also moved to the Mile End area, and there is a large ethnic population.

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I have lived in the Mile End area of London for many years. My house was originally a bakery, and when I bought it. I had to do a lot of work to turn into a suitable place for me to live. Now, it is very modern and a lot of the hot babes from Mile End escorts comment on how nice and contemporary my place looks. I like living in this part of east London, and I love the fact that I can date cheap Mile End escorts. They are some of the hottest babes in this part of London.

So, what is so special about Mile End escorts? It can be hard to find what I call special escorts in this part of London. I love dating ethnic escorts and we have quite a few of the here at Mile End escorts. They are some of the hottest babes that I have ever dated, and believe me, the ethnic ladies at Mile End escorts know how to give you a true sensual experience. They have all of the tricks of the trade ready for you, and one thing is for sure, you will really enjoy your date with Mile End escorts.

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I have dated in other parts of London, but I love to spoil myself with Mile End escorts. Yes, there is something special about cheap Mile End escorts.

Siva is one of the most delicious girls that I date at Mile End Escorts.  Her mom is from India but her dad is British. You can say that with Siva  you get the best of both worlds. Like so many other Indian girls, she has that special touch about her. She can deliver that special touch that will have you shiver from head to toe. With her stunning dark skin and smooth velvet feel, she is one of the more exotic ladies at Mile End escorts.

Myna is an exotic beauty from Russia. She is one of the hottest most exotic ladies that I have ever dated, and I enjoy every moment with her. Like so many other ladies from Russia, she has the habit of being a bit bossy. But, I don’t mind that at all. She is amazing, and I love the fact that she is one of the most broad minded girls at Mile End escorts. When I spend time with Myna, we engage in many secret pleasures of my dreams, and I have to say that Myna seems to enjoy as much as I do. So, if you are looking for that ultimate date, and with a girl who’s world is just about pleasure, Myna at Mile End escorts is for you. Once you have experienced a date with Myna, she is going to make sure that you are going to be wanting to come back for more and more. If that is the kind of relationship that you are looking for, Mile End escorts is for you.

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