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Who lives in Mickleham in Surrey? The idyllic village of Mickleham in Surrey is located within easy reach of the M25. The village is home to many professionals who live and work in London or at one of the major airports. If you are hunting for property in the Surrey area, a visit to the village may still be worth it. Property prices are still high, but at the same time, it has to be said that they can compete effectively with surrounding villages.  Mickleham is a pretty place to live and the village even has a few amenities. 

Should You Believe Everything You Read? 

Recently, since the Daily Mail has been taken over by an American publication, I have stopped believing everything I read in the paper. The Daily Mail used to be rather a good paper, but now it seems to focus on what I call celeb gossip news. A few of the girls at the escorts agency date celebs, and I know most of them are concerned about the tabloid press. 

What are the things you should watch out for if you are an avid tabloid reader? One of the girls at cheap Mickleham escorts who date celebs on a regular basis says there are easy ways to try to ascertain if a story is fake news or the real deal. She has her own way of fact-checking. This is what she recommends doing:

  • Does the story link back to a Facebook or Twitter feed? If that is the case, it is more than likely to be fake. Both Facebook and Twitter are known to spread fake news. 
  • Does the story appear anywhere else? If the story appears in other papers, it may just be true. 
  • Does it seem too sensational? Probably fake meaning someone wants to get into the limelight.
  • Is it linked to advertising? Celebs stop and nothing to sell their stuff. 

Some of my clients are surprised that us girls at cheap Mickleham escorts like to read the news. But, you should know that Mickleham escorts are just as interested in what goes in the world as anyone else. Of course, some girls at the escort agency in Mickleham are perhaps more interested in reading celeb gossip than anything. However, that does not apply to all of the girls. I am one of those girls who is genuinely interested what is happening in  my local community and on a global scale as well. 

Reading The News In A Different Way

When you read the news with a bit of a sceptical approach, it is easy to see that many stories in the papers are exaggerated. They are slightly made up to sell more papers or attract advertising to the newspaper website. I think that the Daily Mail is a prime example. It runs a huge amount of advertising from different sources and seem to make an increasing amount of revenue from online advertising. 

If cheap Mickleham escorts were allowed to run that sort of advertising on their website, we would all be very wealthy escorts by now. 

Genuine News Stories

Is it harder to come across genuine news? I have started to wonder if it is harder to come across genuine news stories. The way news spread across the world these days is totally different. These days, bloggers are just as likely to deliver news scoops as trained journalists. None of my clients at cheap Mickleham escorts are journalists, but I would imagine a journalist would have to work much harder to deliver a news story than a blogger. At least, I journalist would be interested in getting the facts right. I think very few bloggers do any kind of fact check. 

What is the future of news? You may find this hard to believe, but I really do think that news is going to go more and more commercial. I have read some amazing stories about escorts, not Mickleham escorts I hastened to add, and none of them have been true. 

So, before you read the news, place a bowl of salt by your coffee cup and take everything you read with a pinch of salt.  It may not be fake, but sadly, the truth has probably been  “extended” as they say in the United States of America.