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Mayford is a small village located in the heart of Surrey. The village has a population of about just over 1,00o souls. Most people who visit the village do so to enjoy a day out. A good time to visit Mayford is during the summer when you can buy cakes and participate in the local village fair. The village is also surrrounded by many nice walks and has an excellent pub where you can enjoy lunch or a drink. 

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What You Need To Know About Chakras

Can an insight or know-how about chakras help cheap Mayford Escorts to be better escorts? Before you get into things like Tantric yoga and Tantric massages, it is a good idea to learn about chakras. Many men who like to date Escorts like to have tantric experiences. However, when you don’t know anything about chakras, it is hard to deliver the full tantric experience. Tantra means technique, and it is true, to performance a Tantric massage, you do need to have a lot of technical skills. 

Are you new to working for cheap Mayford Escorts? In that case, you may not know what chakras are and how they work. Even the word tantra may be new to you. You can try to learn from experienced Mayford Escorts, but only that, you can also try to learn on your own accord. There are many books you can buy. However, this guide is going to give you some insight into chakras which you can put to good use before you learn Tantric massage.

Mayford Escorts Mini Guide To Chakras And Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy points that link the physical body to electromagnetic bodies that surround it. If you are wondering where the name comes from, you should know that it comes the ancient language and writing system known as Sanskrit. When your chakras are unbalanced, they create both mental and physical disharmony. This can result in disease and health problems including erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Can Mayford Escorts help?

The cheap Mayford Escorts who are experienced in chakra healing can certainly help, and you can contact your nearest Mayford Escorts agency to find out more.

What Are The Functions Of The Chakras?

There are seven major chakras, and there is also an earth chakra below the feet, a higher heart chakra and a crown chakra above the head. Mayford Escorts who specialise in Tantric massage will check your chakras and find out which one is blocked or out of balance.

The earth chakra is what keeps you grounded and is the chakra we engage when we practice tantric yoga. When you have a problem with this chakra, you often have a problem with the material world.

The base and sacral chakras are the chakras which control our sexual and creative energy. If the base chakra is blocked, our libido will be low. If it is too open and too active, you will find that thoughts of sex will dominate your life. You may even be thought of as a sex addict. When the sacral chakra is blocked, you will often experience relationship problems.

The solar plexus chakra is another important chakra to learn how to control. This is often where emotional blockages will occur. When it is too open, it may “leak” and others can steal your energy. 

Not enough love in your life? This could be as a result of your heart chakra being blocked. The higher chakra is not about love in the strictest sense of the word. This chakra is more orientated towards spiritual love. 

Are you finding it hard to express emotions or hard to swallow? If you do, it is a sure sign your throat chakra is blocked and needs opening up.  The brow or third eye is an important chakra and is the home of our intuition. Other realms can be accessed when this chakra is open up and a sense of freedom can be experienced.

The crown chakra is the home of our spiritual energy. When opened up, it can lead to many blissful experiences with cheap Mayford Escorts. If you have not tried chakra healing or a Tantric massage before, let Mayford Escorts know. They will start to introduce you to the practice slowly. Tantric massages are often very healing and should only be enjoyed with experienced guides. Let Mayford Escorts guide you to a new you and start to feel things that you have never felt before. You will love it, but once you have started to enjoy Tantric massages with Mayford Escorts, you will find it hard to stop this special experience.