Marley Escorts – how to apply for a job with Marley escorts

Marley is one of the prettiest hamlets near Maidstone in Kent. Small cottages are scattered among a rural setting. There is very little employment in the immediate area apart from agriculture work. Still, Marley and the surrounding area has become a popular place to settle in for both young and old.  Marley offers you the chance to get away from busier parts of the county of Kent in England and that is very much why so many people now choose to move to Marley in Kent.

What You Need to Know about Marley Escorts

Living in Kent is becoming rather expensive. If you don’t fancy working in agriculture or for one of the ports, there are not very many jobs around that pays well. I love Kent and have lived in Kent all of my life. When I left school, I knew that I wanted to stay in Kent, but I knew that it was going to be hard to find a job that paid well. So, when I came across cheap Marley escorts, I was delighted.

Don’t for one moment think that I got involved in escorting right away. That was not how it happened at all. Instead, I found myself working on the reception at the escort agency in Marley. When I applied for the job, it had just said that I was going to be a reception but I had wondered what was so special about the job. The money was better than other reception jobs in Marley so I was not really surprised when I ended up working for Marley escorts at all. 

Graduating to Elite Marley Escorts in Kent

Working on the reception at work gave me a chance to get to know the other girls at the company. I was not sure what I had expected, but most of the cheap companions turned out to be really nice girls. I would never have thought that escorting would be my sort of thing, but little by little I found myself becoming interested. Working on the phones, I realised that I had the ability to get on with the men who called the companion company in Marley.

When one of the regular Marley escorts fell ill before she was about to go on a business date, I was only too happy to step up and take her place. The gent who used to date her was a nice guy. So, instead of letting him down, I phoned him and asked him if he wanted to go out with me instead. That is how I ended up working for cheap Marley escorts on a permanent basis.

Building Up a Clientele at Marley Escorts

After that date, I soon started to build-up a clientele at work. I was still not sure that I had exactly what it takes but I did manage to start to build up a clientele. Many of the men who used the company I worked for in Marley were a little bit surprised but they soon got used to the fact. I told them that I had graduated from the reception at the escort agency and that made them laugh.

Today, I am still working for Marley escorts and I am having a really good time. I am not sure that the future is but I know that hired companionship works for me. Working for Marley escorts has allowed me to stay in Kent, and I think that it is a much better career than working for a supermarket or in one of the ports. It is a rather exciting and different lifestyle, and I guess that is really what I like about it at the end of the day. Is it the right choice for all girls in Kent?

Let’s face it not all girls who live in Kent can work as companions. It would mean the county of Kent would end up being run over by escorts and that would not do. All companies, including cheap Marley escorts, does need some backup services.