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If you have not heard about the town of Maldon in Essex, you are bound to have heard of Maldon sea salt. It is one of Britain’s best known exports and can be found around the world. Maldon has in recent years become a bit of commuter mecca and many professional Londoners can be found in the area. Still, Maldon in Essex has been able to control population and it remains around 15,000. Homes in Maldon can be rather expensive, and the village atmosphere is much appreciated by both locals and visitors.

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What about it – football or sex?

it is not only politicians who are accused of sexual harassment. Every so often, you hear about cases against others. Footballers seem to be very vulnerable when it comes to the charms of cheap young ladies. Before I worked for Maldon escorts I did date a couple of footballers. I would not say that they were perverted or anything like that, but at the same time, I would say that their behavior left a little bit to be desired. I a m sure that most girls at Maldon escorts would feel the same way if I told them about my dating experiences with footballers.

Maldon Escorts on Footballers

Of course, Essex is packed with the first or second homes of many footballers. You can always spot them as they drive their flash cars about and like to show off their bling. My general opinion of footballers is that they have too much money for their own good and many of them need to look at their lifestyles and down grade them to something cheaper. Sure, the girls at Maldon escorts would love to hook up with footballs, but it is a bit like dating celebs, you may end up being a hot headline in a paper.

The younger girls her at cheap Maldon escorts are fascinated by footballers, and I am sure they would love to hook up with them. I know that most footballers are not the kind of guys that I would bring home to my mom, so I tend to give them a wide berth these days. Yes, I have seen them hanging around the pubs here in Maldon, and they are always flirting with the local girls. Sure, that is nice, but not for me thank you.

Footballers and Trappings of Wealth

Most of the footballers that I have met during my time with Maldon escorts, are much more interested in showing off. I swear that many of them see themselves as businessmen, and they are always on the phone doing deals. Well, I am not sure what it is all about, but I have this feeling that their commercial sponsorship contracts are more important to them than playing good football. If they focused a bit more on their day time job, I am sure that they would have less time for affairs in their lives.

Are they spoiled? I would say that many footballers are spoiled and I even believe that some footballers see themselves as demi gods. They are always going out about how great they are and how much money they earn. After a while, that sort of thing stops to impress a girl and it does not matter if you work for Maldon escorts or not. I am simply not impressed by the sort of people that brag.

What Kind of Guys do cheap Maldon Escorts Like

If you were to ask the girls here at Maldon escorts what kind of guys they like, I am not sure that footballers would come on top of the list. Sure, they are sexy to look at, but in general I think that you would find that most Maldon escorts would prefer guys who do not take themselves so seriously. I think that is the biggest problem when it comes to dating footballers. They just take themselves so seriously all of the time. It does not do anything for me at all. I like to go out with a guy you can have a joke and laugh with. Can you do that with footballers? No you can’t, a date with a footballer is all about them, and as they can only really talk about football, and their sponsorship deals,a  date quickly becomes very boring.

My Dream Guy

Do I have a dream guy? I do have a dream guy, but he is certainly not a footballer. I actually like dating rather smart guys at Maldon escorts. We get a lot former professionals living in this part of Essex and if I am honest, they always have something interesting to say for themselves. If you enjoy going on a date with a guy who can hold a conversation and sort of show a good time, I would see if you could find yourself a professional guy. Many guys like lawyers and barristers can be kind of fun to date. They are good narrators and I guess that is what I like about them.

Also guys who have traveled a lot tend to be kind of fun. I have not met too many of those during my time with Maldon escorts, but I do on occasion meet one or two. They are nice to talk and have a lot of interesting stories. Sales guys are fun as well, but many of them are dreadful blaggers, but I guess that comes with the territory.

What sort of guy would I like to marry me when I leave Maldon escorts? I don’t think it is going to matter too much what he does for a living. It is best to marry a guy that you really love, and I hope that he will not be too hung about Maldon escorts. After all, it is a good job, and I am sure that my future will appreciate many of the special assets that I have got.  I would be very surprised if he does not appreciate my special assets which I have spent so much time honing and developing to perfect my skills.