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Epping Forest is a bit of ancient British Woodland. Not a lot of original prime forest is left in the UK any more, but Epping Forest is one of those forest. The town of Loughton is located just outside Epping Forest in Essex. Despite being located outside London, Loughton still has its own Underground station. In recent years Loughton has become better known to television series such as The Only Way is Essex. It is a pretty place and is a popular commuter residential area for many people who work in London during the week.

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I am sure that many gents up and down the country are wondering the same thing. It almost seems to me that a lot of the English girls have been put out of business by the foreign ones. Anyway, it may not be true for the rest of the country, but it is certainly true in London. Finding a native English escort in London is next to impossible. That being said, I have had a really good time with some foreign ladies, they do after all seem to be a bit more broad minded than some English girls.

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I like living in Loughton because it has a country atmosphere to it. You certainly know that you are outside the center of London in this place. But the good thing is that there are still tons of things to do. Yes, of course you can date Loughton escorts, but at the same time you can enjoy the local pubs and country restaurants. I love it here, and I doubt that I am going to give up on Loughton any time soon. To be fair, I am sure there are local gents who feel exactly the same way as I do.

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