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explain why image and eating disorders are less frequent in smaller towns than big cities

Liston is a small village in the Essex district of Brentwood. When you first come to the village, you may think it is a sleepy little back water, but in fact, it is an active Essex village.  The village is located on the banks of the River Stour, and property in the village consists of a mix of cheap traditional cottages and also some new builds. North Essex where you will find Liston, is one of the more peaceful parts of Essex, and gives you a good opportunity to enjoy rural life.

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Eating Disorders and Liston Escorts

I have not been dating with cheap Liston escorts for a very long time, but I do like it here. Like so many other girls who work for Liston escorts services, I did have an escort career before I joined the agency. I used to work in central London, and one of the things I have noticed that I seem to have a totally different attitude to life at the escort agency in Liston. If you like, things are a lot more relaxed here and I think it makes a difference to the working in environment. I feel less stressed and my eating disorder has not resurfaced.

Big City and Eating Disorders

As so many of the girls at Liston escorts have worked in central London, it is easy to sit down and compare notes. Many of the girls claim that working in central London, is much more stressful and expensive than living in a cheap village like Liston in Essex. It helps you to slow down, and I feel healthier here. I am still London skinny according to some of my colleagues at Liston escorts, but I am beginning to feel better about myself at the same time.

Perhaps it is the country air which is making me feel better and more relaxed, or it is all of the drinks in the pub. I love the fact that you can easily access the countryside from here, and a few of the gentlemen I date at Liston escorts, love to take me out. We go for a drive, and even stop in one of the many local pubs.

Skinny Girls at Liston Escorts

Although I am still one of the skinniest girls at cheap Liston escorts, I seem to be picking up plenty of dates here in the village. I am surprised that there are so many gentlemen who like to date Liston escorts. When I first moved to the village, I did not expect to be as busy as I am but the truth is that a lot of local gentlemen work in London. They may have dated escorts in London in the past, but now they prefer to come home, and hook up with us girls at Liston escorts.

Living in Liston

I keep wondering how so many girls found their way to Liston escorts. Speaking to the other girls at the escort agency, it is clear that many of them go fed up with living in London. I know how they feel. London is great for a couple of years, but it can make you feel really stressed out. It is not only the crowds of people that can get to you, but it the pollution as well.

In fact, there are some people who say that pollution can cause eating disorders. When I lived in London, I was certainly a lot less hungry than I am today. I did not actually feel like eating that much, and the only time I really had a decent meal, was when I was out with gents.

Shopping Locally with Liston Escorts

When you live in a small village like Liston, I think that you buy local food. I never used to be that sort of girl who believed that local food would taste better, but it does. Interestingly enough I am not the only girl saying that. A couple of the other Liston escorts say the same thing, and I guess it may have something to do with our general new healthy attitude to life. Personally I feel that quality of life in Liston is so much better that it can’t really be compared to London.

Where Has the Gym Gone?

In all big cities such as London, you will find a variety of gyms, and I have started to wonder if they are part of the problem. When I worked in London, I used to go to the gym a lot, and I found that I was always looking at other people. What did their bodies look like and stuff like that. Many of the other girls at Liston escorts say the same thing. You never felt that you looked good enough and always wanted to improve or work on your body in some small way. I am glad that I have left those days behind me, and feel better about my body now.

I think that some of the gents I date at Liston escorts wish that I would put on some weight, and I am sure that I will do one day. However, like I say to them, it is a matter of taking it one step at the time. Like I said to one of my gents yesterday, I am only just beginning to learn how to be a country girl, and it was only last week, when I bought my first pair of wellies.

Liston Escorts on Living in the Countryside

Am I glad that I have moved to Liston? I am very glad that I have moved to Liston.  Dating with cheap Liston escorts is something that I am getting a real kick out of, and I like the guys I have met in Liston. They have a totally different attitude to life, and if you enjoy living in the country, I think that you would enjoy Liston. I have no plans to move back to London at all, and I am beginning to feel more like an Essex girl by the day. We have some excellent services available at Liston escorts, and I am pretty sure that you would enjoy dating us girls here at Liston escort services.