Leatherhead Escorts

Leatherhead is a largish town in Surrey. It is located in a pretty part of Surrey known as the Mole district. The population in Leatherhead hovers around 11316. But, despite its rather large population, Leatherhead has the feel of a smaller town. It is a good place to move to when you have a young family as the nearby area offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the countryside. 

House prices throughout the Mole Valley are rather expensive when compared to other parts of Surrey. Still, when you are a regular London commuter, living in this part of Surrey gives you fast access to both the capital and many other parts of the M25 corridor.

Do We Really Need Brands? 

I am not going to make a secret of it. When I worked for an elite escort agency in the capital, I rather let things go to my head. At the time, I earned a lot more money than I do working for cheap Leatherhead escorts and I guess that I did spend a lot of it. When I went shopping, I always bought brand named goods instead of generic stuff. I had managed to talk myself into the brands that were always the best buy. Now that I am living out of London and working for cheap Leatherhead escorts in Surrey, I have only started to wonder if brands are better. 

When I stop and think about it, I must have spent a small fortune on brand. All of my jeans came from designer brands such as Levis and Giorgio Armani. Since I have been working for Leatherhead escorts, I have been popping down to my local ASDA and Tesco stores to buy new jeans. Guess what? The jeans I have bought in ASDA or Tesco are just as good as my designer jeans. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell the difference in quality most of the time.

Save Money With Leatherhead Escorts

I have also changed many of my other shopping habits. When I lived in London, I always bought popular brands such as Ariel. Since I moved to Leatherhead, I am doing what the rest of the girls at cheap Leatherhead escorts do. When I need simple things like washing powder or washing up liquid, I just go down to my local Aldi store. Since I have been buying all of my daily essentials in stores like Aldi, I have saved a small fortune on mu daily living basics.

Is the stuff that you buy in Aldi just as good as top brands? It will probably surprise you, but a lot of the stuff that I have bought in Aldi has been really good. In fact, I have started to prefer some of the things that you can buy in Aldi when compared to other brand goods. I tell everybody that they really don’t need to bother with top brands names such as Ariel. Even the makeup and skincare they sell in places like Aldi and Lidl are really good and you should check it out. 

Things I Would Not Compromise On

Are there some things that I would not compromise on? Yes, there are some things that I would simply not compromise on. There is no way that I would any other brand of condoms than Durex. I still think that there are some brands that are better than generic goods and one of them is Durex. In general, and as far as I know, most of the girls at Leatherhead escorts agree with me when I say that quality condoms are important.

What about sex toys? Yes, there are some sites that do sell cheap sex toys. The truth is that they are just cheap sex toys. I have tried ordering cheap sex toys from places like eBay, but so far I have not found any good ones.  When I want to buy quality sex toys for me or as treats for some of the girls at the agency, I always pay a bit more and shop on quality websites. Yes, I think that when you like your sex toys, it is always best to go for quality sex toys that are going to last the course. Most of the other cheap Leatherhead escorts feel exactly the same way.