Latchingdon escorts views on brexit

If you would like to live in Essex, but in a village with good cheap amenities, you should perhaps cast your eyes on Latchingdon. Not only is this a pretty Essex village, but at the same time, there are advantages to living in Latchingdon. The population of Latchingdon is just over 1,200 souls which makes it a small friendly village. However, it is also close to Chelmsford, which is convenient both for work and shopping.

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How Brexit Can Damage the Escort Service

I have lived in the UK and worked for escort service in Essex for five years now. At the moment, I am working for cheap Latchingdon escorts here in Essex, but I am wondering how long I am going to be able to work for Latchingdon escorts. The problem is that I am a Polish citizen, and I don’t know what it is going to happen once Brexit goes through. Am I going to be allowed to stay in the UK, or will I have to sell up and go back to Poland.

Worries at Latchingdon Escorts

Am I the only girl at Latchingdon escorts who is worried about Brexit? No, I am not. We have several different EU nationals working for the escort agency in Latchingdon, and I know that the majority of the girls here at our Latchingdon escorts service are worried about the future. So many of us have invested in the UK and actually bought property here in the UK. I don’t have a clue what is going to happen to the property I bought. Will I be allowed to keep, or will I be forced to sell it?

Tough to Concentrate

There are days when I go into cheap Latchingdon escorts with my head spinning and really worrying about the future. It seems a bit unfair to me that someone who has lived and worked in the UK for a considerable amount of time, may not be allowed to stay here. All of this talk about getting registered for this and that does not help neither. It is beginning to sound a bit like a police state, and I know that many Latchingdon escorts who have come from what used to be Eastern Europe, do not like the sound of it.

I Will My Gents at Latchingdon Escorts

If I am forced to leave the UK, I am first of all really going to miss my gents at the escort agency.  Rather a few of the gents I date as an outcall Latchingdon escort, have come to mean a lot to me, and I feel that they have become more than just dates. Many of them now feel like personal friends and I like to think that we can stay in touch even though I may have to leave Latchingdon escorts and move on. So far, I have not said anything to them, but I do think that in the back of their minds, they are thinking about what is going in their own country.

Did You Vote for Brexit?

So far, I have not met any gents at Latchingdon escorts who voted for Brexit. Sometimes I feel a bit funny talking about Brexit with my gents at Latchingdon escorts services. It is not really the sort of thing that you expect to get chatting about with  girl from an escort service. But, to be honest, they often ask me what I think about Brexit and if I worry about it? Of course, I worry about Brexit. I have a flat in this country, and I am even paying into a pension plan. It may seem silly to some, but you need to plan ahead so that is what I started to do before Brexit came up.

How Will Latchingdon Escorts Be Effected?

I know that many escort services both in Essex and in London, are staffed by Eu nationals. It seems that cheap British girls are rather reluctant to work in the escort service, and finding replacement escorts for the girls who may have to go back to their home countries, may be a tough call. Will agencies be able to do it? I don’t think that all escort agencies will be able to find alternative staff, and some more than likely end up shutting their doors. Hopefully it will not happen to Latchingdon escorts.

How Many Foreigners Work in Britain?

I really don’t know how many foreigners work in Britain, but I do know that EU nationals have taken a lot of jobs that others do not want. Before I started to work for Latchingdon escorts, I used to keep in touch with the rest of the Polish community. I have drifted away from that a little bit now, but there are certainly a lot of Polish workers in the UK.

Not all girls who come over from Poland work for escort services such as Latchingdon escorts, many other work in the agriculture industry in places like Norfolk and some even pick daffodils in Scotland for a living. My fellow countrymen are not exactly in high paying job like me at Latchingdon escorts. You would have thought that the government would have checked out what kind of workers the country is relying on. I would think that there are a lot of EU nationals during essential jobs in the UK. A little bit like the Caribbean community which came over here during the 1960’s to work in essential jobs such as the NHS and London Transport.

How Many Foreign Girls Work for Latchingdon escorts?

Most of the girls who work for Latchingdon escorts are foreign. Not all of the girls who work for the agency are from Poland, but from other EU countries as well. We even have a girl from Italy and a couple of girls from Spain. They are all worried about Brexit, and none of them really want to go back to their home countries. Just like me, they have fallen in love with scones and clotted cream, and all good things you can find in the UK.