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Islington Escorts are more than meets the eye

The best way to describe Islington is to say that it is the main residential part of inner London. It is famous for its Georgian and Victorian townhouses which have been lovingly restored. If, you fancy a taste of what a London residential street used to look like, it could be a good idea to pop over to Islington for a little walk around. It is greener than some other parts of London, and you can also enjoy a walk down by Regents canal. It is believed that Islington may have housed a major Roman settlement at one time, but later became a typical Saxon English village. Islington, which has seen a lot of investment recently, is certainly worth a visit.

Islington escorts

Just like in so many other parts of London, you will find an active community life in Islington. There are a number of local services which do deserve a mention, but Islington escorts services do stand out from the crowd. This is an exceptionally well run agency, and is popular with local gents, and visitors from other parts of town. It is rumored that some of the hottest girls in town work for Islington escorts, and that rival London agencies, are always keeping a look out of new talent in Islington.

I don’t know what has made this part of London so popular when it comes to recruiting escorts, says Madame Anna from Islington escorts. Traditionally, this part of London was rather poor, and there were a lot of working class homes here. Possible the girls from Islington used to go to other parts of London to offer their services. Personally, I am an Islington girl through and through, and I have lived here all of my life. It is a great place to live, and it has changed a lot in recent years.

It used to be really run down

When I grew up, Islington was not fashionable at all, and it was not considered the greatest place to live in London. It started to change as we got more transport services, and most famously the Angel Tube station. Now Islington is a great place to live and I love it hear. More and more people are moving to Islington and it is still surprisingly affordable when compared to other parts of London. When I left the VIP escorts agency I ran in Mayfair, I decided to set up my own agency, and I went back home to Islington.

All of the Islington escorts who work for me, come from the local area or are familiar with the local area. I think that makes a difference, and gives Islington escorts services a more personal touch. The agency is becoming well known across London, and we are probably one of the classier escorts agencies in London. The difference is that we do not charge VIP rates, and that certainly helps to fill up our dating diary. Some agencies these days are just overpriced and I don’t want to go down that route.

International Islington escorts

The gents who live around here are from all over the world. It is a very interesting community to live in, and you need to be prepared to be flexible. I have made it my policy to not just to recruit English girls. The agency today very much reflects the international community of Islington, and the girls who work for Islington escorts services, come from all over the world. Still, lots of the girls are local talent and have lived in the area for quite some time.

That being said, not all of the girls that I recruit for the agency are born in this country. We have a big Polish community in Islington today, and I have recruited from the Polish community as well as other residential groups. Our hot and sexy Islington escorts from other former Soviet block countries are very popular dates as well. Sometimes I think that we act as a spring board for a lot of girls who would like to make escorting a career. They start of here at Islington escorts, and then may move on to other agencies around London, but the majority of my girls stay here at the agency and are very loyal.

Top girls

I work on the reception here a lot, and I get gents phoning up asking for a date with out top girls at Islington escorts. The truth is that I have to say that all of the girls who work here at Islington escorts are all top girls. I don’t like to say that any of the girls who work for me are better than the other. When I speak to the gents, I always ask if they prefer a blonde or a brunette, and we take it from there. Some gents are very shy, and they are worried about telling me their pleasures. There is no need to be, we all have plenty of experience at the agency.

All in all, I still enjoy working for Islington escorts. Yes, I know it is my agency that I started, and I will be very reluctant to let go. The girls who work for Islington escorts, all work really hard and put in a lot of effort. This is really what makes the agency so successful, and I am really proud of my girls. I do the best that I cant to look after them, as in a way, I think that they look after me.

Recently, I have been asked if I want to sell Islington escorts. There is no way that I would want to sell one of the best agencies in London. If, it came to that, I would get one of the girls to look after it for me instead. I have some really talented girls working for me, and at least one or two would make an excellent madame. All I would do, would be to stay in the background and help out when needed, or give advice.

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