Top escorts in the Isle of Dogs

Isle of dogs – that may sound like a really unusual name, and the truth is no one really knows if its the right name for this place in the East End of London. It is thought it may originally have been the Isle of Ducks, but a lot of historians also think it could have referred to one of an English Royal who use to keep his racing greyhounds in the area. In all honestly, we may never know where the name came from. However, if you are visit London, you should stop by the Isle of Dogs. It is located on the River Thames, and like so many other parts of east London, it used to serve the old shipping building and merchant sailor service in London.

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What else is exciting about the Isle of Dogs?

There is a lot more to the Isle of Dogs than first meets the eye. The place does have an amazing, and today, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular residential parts of London. It is really easy to reach central London from the Isle of Dogs, and the main financial district of London – the City- is within in s stone’s throw. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons you find so many sexy and sophisticated Isle of Dogs escorts in the area.

More and more people are beginning to move out here, and property prices are shooting up. When I moved out here a few years ago, and started to date Isle of Dogs escorts, it was easy to find a decent priced property. Now, the Isle of Dogs is becoming just as expensive as other parts of London. Fortunately, Isle of Dogs escorts prices have not gone up yet, but I am sure that will happen soon. After all, renting or buying a place out here is rather expensive.

Isle of Dogs escorts are posh

You may think just because a place has an east London post code, the girls would not be that sophisticated. However, you would be seriously wrong if you are thinking that. All of the escorts that I have dated here on the Isle of Dogs are just as sophisticated and sexy as many of the VIP and elite babes in central parts of London. The truth is that all of well to do Londoners, and others as well, are beginning to buy property in this part of London. Needless to say, gents of a certain class do appreciate a bit more of a refined date, so having low class or cheap escorts services is not really an option.

When I first started to date escorts here on the Isle of Dogs, a lot of the girls came from places like the Tower Hamlets. Well, that has all changed now, and many of the girls that you meet here are sophisticated girls with a taste for the finer things in life. On top of that, a lot of them are from all over the world, and you are just as likely to end up on a date with a hot Brazilian girl as you are with an English rose.

Living on the Isle of Dogs

Don’t presume that it is boring living on the Isle of Dogs. There is still plenty of stuff going on here, even though a lot of the old east London pub culture has started to disappear. If, you fancy popping out for Pie and Mash these days, you may be out of look. Instead, you will probably find that some theme pub, or fancy wine bar, has taken over the lease of the building. There are a lot of people on the Isle of Dogs making money out of the wealthier residence.

I am not so sure how Isle of Dogs escorts see it, but from what I hear they are doing really. A few years ago, there were mainly independent escorts working in this area, but now we have some really good escort agencies. All of the dates that I have been on recently have been super sexy, but at the same time, the girls have had an air about sophistication about them. I am sure that many of the girls who work here would qualify as elite escorts in other parts of London.

Fun with Isle of Dogs escorts

I have had lots of fun with Isle of Dogs vixens. Many of the girls who are beginning to date for the local Isle of Dogs escorts service, have bags of experience, and are super sexy little kittens. The girls are just as hot as an West End escorts that I have meet, and if you fancy something different such as a duo date, just ask. The agency that I use is happy to accommodate many different pleasures and dating styles. Even the Isle of Dogs reception is sophisticated these days, and the girls who arrange the dates, certainly know what they are talking about.

Do I have any favorite escorts? Yes, I do have some favorite hot babes here on the Isle of Dogs, and I am glad about that. Before I lived here, I used to date posh girls around the Mayfair area. Since I moved here, I have only been dating the hot babes on the Isle of Dogs. All of the girls that I have met so far, are every bit as hot, sexy and sophisticated as the babes at some of London’s VIP escorts services. Why pay a fortune when you can date Isle of Dogs babes, and have the same quality fun?

Am I going to continue to date Isle of Dogs escorts? You can bet your last dollar that I am. I am having some really hot and sexy fun right here on my home turf. The great news is that the hot babes are happy to do both outcalls and incalls, and what is better than sharing your home with a hot babe for a few hours. If, you want to enjoy the company of Isle of Dogs sophisticated babes, perhaps it is about time you paid us a visit, to see what it is all about.

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