We look into escorts in london and the economy

London is the administrative and capital of the United Kingdom and is the largest city within the EU region in terms of both population as well as size. The town also boasts of the largest economy in the region. London is the heartbeat of England in terms of tourism and trade. Millions of visitors come here each year with the aim of exploring the many opportunities that the metropolis offers.

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The Tourism sector

One of the sectors that move the London economy is the tourism sector, which contributes billions of pounds annually into the economic basket of this glorious town. Apart from flocking the area to enjoy the magnificent tourist attractions on offer, most tourists also visit London with the aim of having a feel of the exotic and vibrant nightlife. Your visit will not be complete if you have not been entertained by one London escorts. The escorts define nightlife in the city, and most visitors find it necessary to kill day long stresses by simply being pampered by the escorts. Be it that you are visiting either as a tourist or on a business trip, there is one thing you can’t just resist, especially if you are a man, and that is the service of the sexual call girls.

Importance of escorts in London to the economy

It is important to note that this business has been legalized in the city of London and the administration has designated certain areas where such activities can be carried out. All escorts in London and escort agencies must be registered to operate; this is done to protect the interests of both the service providers and the customers. There are certain requirements that one must meet before she can be allowed to operate as escorts in London. For instance, one has to pass a medical test before the permit can be given to her, and she must be an adult of 18 years and above. There is no doubt that these exotic escorts in the city of london greatly contribute to the growth of London in many ways which include the following;

Revenue collection for sex workers

Escorts in london and sex workers pay an awful amount of tax, due to the lucrative aspect of the business. This tax helps the growth of London immensely and keeps the wheels turning and turning.

Promotion and growth of the tourism industry

Being a tourist city, London benefits a lot from the existence of escorts or as some would like to wrongly call them call-girls or sex workers because in one way they promote the tourism industry. Some tourist will come to the beautiful city with the sole aim of being entertained by the sexy girls. When the number of tourists visiting the city increases each day, the revenues generated by the sector also increase and this impacts positively on the economy.

Growth of the hotel industry

With the ever increasing number of tourists visiting escorts parlours, investors in the hotel industry have been forced to heavily invest in new infrastructure to accommodate the huge number of tourists. Most hotels are fully booked throughout the year because of the continuous and steady flow of tourists. This has led to the rapid growth of the hotel industry, something that contributes heavily to the economy of the city.

Creation of jobs

Many of those women who work as London escorts consider the job as a well paying job because they get paid on the spot after offering their services. This sector has provided employment to millions of girls in the city and since it is regulated and controlled by the government, it is easier for the government to collect taxes from the women because they are required to pay taxes just like any other employed person.

Thousands have also gotten jobs in hotels and massage parlours across the land and this has helped in reducing the unemployment rate and at the same time increasing the city’s revenues.

Revenue from escorts parlours

All registered escorts parlours are required to pay monthly taxes to the government and this provides the city within another source of income because it collects a considerable amount of money from the parlours.

Growth of the Adult entertainment industry

Since most escorts in london who ply this business can be found in entertainment spots, the industry has grown beyond bounds. Exclusive entertainment zones have been established and continue to be established in different tourist attraction zones and this is in many ways not only providing employment to thousands of people, but also generating revenue for the city through taxes and permit fees and this has greatly contributed to the growth of the economy.

Twenty four hour cash trade

Most London escorts girls ply their trade at night and this has made business in London a twenty four hour thing hotels, beauty shops and parlours, massage parlours, taxis and entertainment spots all operate on a twenty four hour basis, this has enabled most businesses to register huge profits. When businesses get huge profits, the economy also benefits because the taxes payable to the government will also increase.

Enhanced security

Because of the thriving tourism industry the authorities have been forced to enhance security by increasing the number of police officers within the city at any given time. This has made most business men to ply their trade without any fear of attacks from criminal gangs.

Establishment of health facilities

There has been a steady establishment of hospitals and health facilities which dedicate their services to commercial sex workers. All sex workers generally undergo monthly medial checkups.

Generally the business of escorts in London  has had a positive impact on the economy of London. It has transformed the tourism sector, escorts in London have greatly boosted the hotel industry, the transport industry and the entertainment industry, sectors which are very vital to the growth of any economy.