Horley Escorts – three things men do that turn me off

There are several towns in Surrey which deserves a mention when it comes to a nice place to live. However, it would be fair to say that the town of Horley stands out in a crowd. For the county of Surrey, it still has a rather small population which has recently peaked at 22,693 residents. Horley is packed with amenities for both you and old, and from Horley, you can easily commute to other parts in Surrey. 

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You may think that working for cheap Horley escorts mean that you are not turned off by anything that men do. I have to be honest, I have been working for Horley escorts for some time now, and during that time, I have come across rather a few things that men do that turn me off. Do I have a top ten? I don’t really have a top ten list, but let me put it this way, I have kind of a guide to what turns me off when it comes to the things that men do.

Maybe not all of the other girls at cheap Horley escorts would agree with me when it comes to this one, but, I do think that when men forget to look after their feet, is one of the things which turn women off. The surprising thing is that some men are really good at looking after their feet and others are not. It is like some men are embarrassed to go to a therapist and have their feet done. I have come across some men with really bad feet. If you would like to turn a girl on or want your toes to be sucked, it is essential that you look after your feet.

What Else Turns cheap Horley Escorts Off?

Of course, there are other things that turn Horley escorts off. Did you know that most women get turned off by dirty ties or simply ties that are not so nice? It probably sounds silly to you as a man, but women do look at men’s ties and we like a man with a nice looking tie. I date this one guy who always used to wear the worst ties ever. Like most Horley escorts, I did not want to insult my client, so I did not say anything to him about his terrible looking ties.

That was up until one night. He kept turning up wearing the same tie. To me, this tie looked like something like a carpet remnant. On top of that, he never seemed to change and take it to the dry cleaners. That made it look ten times worse. After having put up with this horrible tie, I finally ended up telling him that it was the ugliest tie that I had ever seen. It looked like some sort of fabric offcut. For some reason, it finally registered with him. Ever since then, he has turned up wearing nice ties.

Does Smoking Turn a Woman Off?

I am one of these women who actually is turned on by the smell of cigarette smoke. Okay, smoking is not good for you and is a bit of taboo subject these days, but I still get turned on by the smell. The gentlemen we date at cheap Horley escorts are kind of health-conscious, but there are still a few that like to smoke. I love the smell and can spend hours sniffing a man that smokes. It turns me on like mad.

However, most of the other girls at the agency find smoking a turn-off. I think it is perfectly okay, and I do love kissing smokers.  Should you say something to a gentleman who smokes a lot? Well, if it turns you off and you feel like not kissing him, I think that it may be a good saying. I have to admit that some men who are extremely heavy smokers even turn me off. If you feel like that, it is certainly time to say something.