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Hockwell Ring in Luton is another one of those experiments in social housing that may have gone a little bit wrong. Much of the housing estate was constructed in the 1960′ s thinking that this was going to be the new way of cheaper living. However, during the 1980’s the area was plagued by low house price and a few social problems. It is not until recently Hockwell Ring has come into its own. A great deal of London commuters have settled here and there are also some private rental properties in the local Hockwell Ring area.

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As an American, I have never really understood the need for things like social housing. There are some social housing in the US but it seems to work some what differently. Here in the UK, social housing seems to be much more readily available. When I first came to Luton to work, I did not realize that renting a property in the Hockwell ring area of Luton, would mean ending up in what I can only call a rental control area. Do I mind? Not at all. After meeting Hockwell Ring escorts, I don’t think that there are many things that can put me off this part of Luton.

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When I am not dating sexy ladies from Hockwell Ring escorts, I do like to go out in Luton. I have made some great friends here in Luton and I like the way people in the UK hang out with each other. At first I could not see the point in the pub culture, but now I have become a bit of a pub fanatic. Perhaps I am doomed to stay here in the UK.