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Herne Bay in Kent may have seen its hay day in the Victorian era, but this delightful little town in the Thames estuary still captures many hearts. The great thing about Herne Bay is that it is not a million miles away from London or Canterbury in Kent. If you still need to work, it is easy enough to travel to both London or Canterbury from Herne Bay for reasonably low costs. I don’t personally need to work any more, but I still like to be in touch with civilisation so to speak.

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Herne Bay Escorts

To be honest, I did not think that cheap little Herne Bay would have so much to offer. When I first arrived in Herne Bay, I thought it would be this rather sleepy town with a population about 35,000 souls. It turned out to be something rather different.

I have always enjoyed the Swinging community in the UK. In all honesty, it is not always easy to get in touch with fellow Swingers, but for some reason it seemed that the local community Swinging community in Herne Bay was a bit more opened. I got invited to rather a few parties, and that is when I met HER. Amy was a serious Swinger and seemed to love the scene as much as I did. When she was not busy Swinging, she worked for Herne Bay escorts.

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