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Guildford in Surrey is often just thought of as an out of town business center for London companies who could not any longer afford the excessive rents in London. But, Guildford is a historic town, and is actually the county town of Surrey. It also have its own Cathedral and is home to the University of Surrey. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s, lots of people moved out to Guildford and the population increased dramatically. Today, the population in Guildford has reached almost 100,000 people, and it is on the southern tip of Greater London. Lots of things have changed, and Guildford escorts have even opened up.

The beauty of dating Guildford escorts

A lot of the gents who use the agency are regular London commuters, says Angie from Guildford escorts. We are fairly busy all of the time, but we are busier in the evening once gents start to return home after work. Yes, we do have some gents who like to visit us during the day, but the vast majority of the gents we see in the evening. That is okay, our escorts are mainly young unattached ladies who do not mind working in the evening, or later at night.

When we first sat up Guildford escorts, things were a bit slow. A the time most gents in the Guildford area were not familiar with us and had not heard of the agency. It took a little while to get the message out there. As most people know who work in the UK escorts service. most papers and magazines do not accept adverts, so you need to use the Internet. This is sometimes the longer option but unfortunately there is no other way of doing it. Now, we are doing a lot better and things are certainly beginning to look up for Guildford escorts.

Who dates a Guildford escort services?

We have a complete range of different gents who enjoy dating Guildford escorts. Most of our current gents used to date up in London before they left for the day. Now, they have started to date here in Guildford instead. First of all, our hourly rates are a lot lower than the rates our gents will find in central London. Number two, the girls here are just as hot and exciting as many of the girls in central London. We have no focused on recruiting girls from central London. Instead, we have been able to recruit girls who live in the local area.

Guildford is also becoming a busy business and commercial center in its own right, so we are seeing more and more business men date the hot talented girls here in Guildford. Of course, in places like central London, visitors to London make up for a good deal of the dates, and the same thing is beginning to happen here in Guildford. Lots of visitors are beginning to date the lovely ladies who are available at the agency. The girls are popular with local gents as well, but we are certainly seeing a lot of visitors.

What is the future of Guildford escorts?

I am sure that Guildford escorts will continue to go get even busier. We are still a rather new agency, and we are young as well. Most of the girls who work for us are very young, and it seems like our gents do like to date younger ladies. After all, many of them did date young ladies in other places such as London, and now they would like to have the same experience here in Guildford. The focus of the agency is to make sure that we have plenty of young ladies available.

We are also looking to expand our services. So far, we have not been asked for things like duo dating, but I am sure that will come one day. Most escorting services up and down the UK are now very versatile, and we want to make sure that Guildford escorts can provide all of the most recent dating styles and ideas. I am personally sure that escorts for couples, will soon become a lot more popular in Guildford area as well. It may seem surprising to some, but others are happy to explore their lifestyles.

What prompted you to start the agency?

Well, I had five years of working for an elite escorts agency in London, and I wanted to do something different. There are far too many escorts services in London, so I thought better of that. One of the girls I worked with at the agency, came from Guildford and she suggested that I checked Guildford out. After a weekend break in Guildford, I realized that there was enough of a dating base here for me, so I started the agency a few months later.

I have to admit that it was a bit scary at first, and I wasn’t sure if Guildford escorts was going to work out. However, I am sure it is the same for everybody who starts a new business. The first couple of months can be just hell, and you don’t know where you are going to get the next bit of business from. Now, I have a lot more confidence, and I know that Guildford escorts are beginning to do really well. I am not looking for a business partner at this time, but there is a lot of work to running the agency.

The girls at Guildford escorts are great, and all of them are just as sexy as hot as top London escorts. Some gents seem to think that we are not going to be as exciting just because we are not in London. That is not true at all. Dating Guildford escorts is just as much fun as dating hot VIP girls in London. The main benefit of dating Guildford escorts, is that you can afford to date more often, and comfortably afford to spend more time with the Guildford escorts of your dreams. Our dating diary is filling up fast with regulars, and that is a good sign.

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