Goldsworth Park Escorts love skater boys

Goldsworth Park is a large housing estate located in Woking in Surrey. The area of Goldsworth Park is famous for its pretty scenery. Nearby you will find a small lake where you can enjoy both boating and fishing. The park also has a skating park and games court. It can be said that Goldsworth Park is an ideal area for families to live in when they want quick access to surrounding larger towns and enjoy a rural lifestyle at the same time.

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Do All Escorts Like Things that Glitter?

The other day, as I was just getting ready to leave my final outcall for the day, the gent turned around an asked me if all escorts like things that glitter? I was not sure what he meant, so I asked him. He told me that all of the cheap escorts that he had ever dated, always had nice jewelery. I stopped and thought about it for a moment. And yes, it would be fair to say that nearly all girls at Goldsworth Park escorts have nice jewelery.

When you work as an escort, you do run into a lot of men who like to spoil you. Even before I started to work for cheap Goldsworth Park escorts, I had a really nice jewelery collection. I started to build it up when I worked in London, and unlike other escorts, I have hung on to it and not sold. I guess it could be tempting to sell your collection of things that glitter but that is not how I look at it

Goldsworth Park Escorts on Things That Glitter

Instead of selling my collection of what I affectionelly call cheap Goldsworth Park escorts treasure, I am to hang on to it. As we all know, prices of metals such as gold and silver are going up in price all of the time. While I don’t think of myself as a commodities investor, I do think that I am pretty savvy as far as things are concerned. It would be easy to sell now, but I am not sure what I would do with the money.

Do I encourage the gents I meet at Goldsworth Park escorts to give me jewelery? No, I don’t really do that. Instead, I choose to wear it, and I think that the majority of them have figured out that I really like jewelery. Sure, it is nice to receive other gifts such as body lotion and perfumes, but it is not something that you can sell again. At least with jewelery, you have something that is going to be worth more in a few years’ time.

Are Escorts Into Jewelery?

I would have thought that all escorts would have appreciated gifts of jewelery, but that is not the case. Some of the girls at cheap Goldsworth Park escorts like to receive other things. I think that if they were to put their thinking caps on, they would realise that they could do better for themselves if they had nice jewelery.

Would I rather have a money tip than jewelery? As it stands, I think that I would rather have a bit of jewelery than a money tip. But that does not always happen. Most men who date you only once give you some cash instead. How do I spend that cash? I  have to admit when I realised that jewelery could make me a lot of money, I started to buy my own.

Now I save up my money, and when I have a nice little pot, I go and buy a nice piece of jewelery for myself. Sure, I could stick my money in the bank, but it would not really make me as much money as I get when I turn my cash into beautiful blingy things that glitter. 

Are blondes silly? No, I think that the blondes who work for cheap Goldsworth Park escorts are some of the savviest girls that I know and I would not say that any blondes are silly. But we are certainly very sexy…