Few Tips Escorts can Bring in New Experiences to Clients

Escorts get the chance to come across all types of clients, which range from those men who have super sex drives and curiosity in all types of fetishes and other kinky habits to those who are slightly uptight and prim when it is about intimacy concerns.
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Once in an escort’s career, a conservative client starts to seek services from escorts. The bookings may have a bit excitement or a variety of awkwardness and thrill. On the other hand, most clients book escorts to experience something further than the traditional chances that are provided to them. Through slow processes, they welcome the opportunity of widening their horizons even if it is just a bit. Special attention to  clients is important in every business and can yield positive results as shown in the extract below:

Knight, a native Houstonian, enjoys the real estate business immensely and takes pleasure in affording each client the utmost respect and excellent service.

Knight’s personal attention to his clientele and their detailed needs has resulted in continued repeat business and on-going direct referrals. His professionalism and patience have made him a Martha Turner Properties Circle of Excellence winner every year since joining the company in 1999 and a member of the Martha Turner Properties Hall of Fame.

“My life is centered around my clients and ensuring smooth transactions, even in this busy market. I love what I do, I love this business and work hard to ensure my clients receive personal attention and their goals are met,” Knight said.

 Credits: Premier Agent Spotlight: Wade Knight doesn’t see slowdown in Houston real … – Chron.com


 Here are a few tips in considering when you, as an escort, attempt to bring in a client to new, fresh experiences and senses:
* Practice compassion and patience.
At the start, most clients were taught that sex is evil, dirty or only for “natural” purposes. They were never open to chances that let them know the enjoyment intimacy can bring or the sensation pleasure can give you. As an escort, you can help the client by adjusting your personality by accepting intimate acts such as performing beyond the standard missionary position. Encourage him about the small progresses you are going about with the encounter. Taking in things gradually can build a good relationship with a hesitant client.
* Warm up the client.
Before attempting to do anything new, as escorts, you can warm your client up during the encounter. Deep inside men, they have sexual desires and needs. Once he thinks about intimacy or sex before engaging in such activity, he might have a very restricted outlook about it along with the narrow band of expectations. On the other hand, when the client gets warmed up, he might be more than willing to participate with the encounter and might even let you lead to experiencing newer sexual tricks and positions. You can start this process by integrating foreplays and touching during the encounter. You can also make subtle suggestions.
* Incorporation of light bondage.
During your encounter, you can incorporate light bondage with your client. As an escort, you should build up trust with your client and consider taking a bit of control away from him. You can pin him down by his arms while you are both in an intimate moment together and tell him he is not allowed to touch you. Observe if he enjoys the situation and encourage him to lightly tie his wrists to the bed. If he is comfortable with it, then you can continue the bondage activity at future encounters.
* Nipple play.
This can be a very innocent sexual activity to be integrated with an uptight client. At the start, you can slowly demonstrate to your client that nipple playing can be one of the hottest foreplay you can give to your client. Allow your client to explore your body during foreplay and touch you by eventually giving you a little kiss or lick.


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