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It is hard to believe that Faversham in Kent is only 8 miles away from London. To me, it feels like a totally different world. I have taken to this little Kent market town, and I do like living here. As a matter of fact, I seldom go into London any more. After all,  Faversham is only about 10 miles away from Canterbury and I can find most things that I need in Canterbury. The rest, can be easily found here in Faversham itself for a low cost. I cannot believe I was so worried about moving out of London.

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Faversham escorts

I live my life by certain principles and I like to stick to them. One of the principles that rate rather highly in my life, is the pleasure principle. I like having fun and indulging myself on budget of course. Having spent almost 15 years trapped in a rather loveless marriage can sort of change your attitude to life.

Taking control of my life and moving away from London has helped me a lot, and I know feel that I have more time and more money to myself. My friends thought that I might end up lonely, but that is something that I have not really had to worry about.

If you are looking for a bit of cheap companionship of the female kind here in Faversham, you can always find it with Faversham escorts. They are some of the hottest and sexiest ladies that I have ever meet. This group of outcall escorts from the local escort agency, can set both my heart and loins on fire.

To be honest, I have not told my friends that I date cheap Faversham escorts. My friends are only too keen that I should meet somebody again and get married. I am not ready for all and I like to indulge my pleasure principle with Faversham escorts. As a matter of fact, I am not so sure that my friends would approve of me dating Faversham escorts at all.

I am not really looking for their approval, but for this moment in time, I think that it is best that I keep the girls at Faversham escorts to myself. One day in the future I may even bring one of my sexy companions from Faversham escorts with me to London. That would certainly make a few of my friends a bit more jealous.

What is Wrong with Dating Faversham Escorts?

There is nothing wrong with me dating Faversham escorts in my opinion. The first time I called the local cheap escort agency to arrange a date with a girl from Faversham escorts, I felt a bit odd. But, as soon as Suzi from the agency turned up at my door, I knew that I had done the right thing.

This little blonde was a real delight in the flesh. Her photos on the Faversham escorts website had looked amazing, but in the flesh she was something different. Her jeans revealed a thong peeking out the back, and her nipples seemed to say hello to me through that tight little t-shirt of hers. Her hips swayed as she walked into my living room, and into my heart. In many ways, this delight from Faversham escorts was my dream girl.

Sapphire spent that evening with me, and I soon discovered her pleasure principle. She indulged my every whim, and showed me that she was a truly caring girl. That was more than what I had hoped to discover at Faversham escorts. Since that evening in May, I have met up with Sapphire again, and together we have explored each other pleasure principle. I cannot see any harm in that, so what is really wrong with dating Faversham escorts…

My Life in Faversham

Of course, there are times when I miss London. When I do, I just indulge that part of my life and visit my friends in London. They often remark that I seem to be walking with a new spring in my step since I moved to Faversham.

If they only knew what delights you could find at Faversham escorts, they would probably be more keen to visit. For now, I am letting them think that I am enjoying spending time on my own and working to get my life back on track. Little do they know that I don’t indulge beer or fine wines. I drink out of the cup of life and enjoy the pleasure principle of dating hot ladies at cheap Faversham escorts. Exploring the pleasure principle with my Sapphire has really turned my life around.