Hot bisexual escorts for couples

Would you like to explore your relationship a bit more? If, you are a bit bored in your relationship, and would like to try something new, escorts for couples offer the perfect alternative to one-on-one dating. We all presume that bisexuality is something new, but the truth is that bisexuality has been around for a long time. But, are you making the most out of yours? Many couples appreciate a helping hand or a bit of personal assistance from time to time. Some couples, or singles find it as Swingers clubs up and down the country while others prefer a more discreet approach to their dating lives.

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Escorts for couples- a personal experience

I have never looked back, says Sue. My husband fully appreciates that I am bisexual, and does not have a problem with it all. He knows that I have my girlfriends around for some more intimate play and pleasure from time to time. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that our relationship would function without my own personal time. Yes, I am discreet and don’t point it out to my other friends, but I do enjoy a bit of personal time with some of my girlfriends at home.

With that in mind, my darling husband arranged an escorts for couples experience for me for my birthday. This is the first time he joined us, and it was great. At first he was a bit anxious but you could tell that he soon got into the experience and really started to enjoy it, Now, bisexual escorts for couples has become a regular feature in our life, and we have a couple of favorite ladies that we both like to spend personal time with. Let’s put it this way, we all understand each other and that is what makes using this dating service so pleasurable.

Swinging is not for us

Although my husband and I met at a Swingers party, I know that the service is not really for us. We did enjoy swinging as solos but as a couple we thought that it might get in the way of our personal relationship. I know of lots of couples who have been heavily into swinging and then broke up because of emotional circumstances. We enjoy the company of other partners but we like to do it on our own terms. Sometimes we invite special couples to our home for some extra fun personal one-on-one action.

I do think that escorts for couples is a really good approach. First of all, you know that the girls are professional and there is not going to be any emotional clutter. Number two, experience really matters when it comes to us. We like to have a quality experience, and the only way we can assure that, is to turn to an escorts for couples service. Lots of agencies do offer them now, and I think that it is worth making sure that you get extra what you want and need from the service you contract.

Escorts for couples are great

My husband is not bisexual and I do recognize that. When I invite, or rather we invite, an escorts for couples service to our home, we make sure that the girls are the hottest we can find. I want to make sure that my husband will be able to experience pure titillating pleasure on the date, so I always select the girls carefully. Perhaps I am not always sure what mood he is going to be in, so I make sure that he can choose a blonde or a brunette. He does have a passion for blondes, and I enjoy the company of blondes myself.

So far, all of the dates that we have enjoyed with escorts for couples have just been perfect. My husband has been into threesomes in many different ways before. As a matter of fact, I know that he just to enjoy dating hot girls together with one of his best friends, and the two of them, used to bring a lady I know, fantastic satisfaction. Honestly, unless I had met my very open minded husband, I am not sure that I would have got married. In the art of love, he is more than well qualified and when we are not dating others, I do enjoy his enormous personal attention.

Going Hedonistic

Holidays, or vacations, have not really been for me in the past. However, my wonderful husband has opened my eyes when it comes to holidays as well. Unfortunately, I get bored easily, but this year my husband has invited one of our bisexual escorts for couples dream girls to join us on holiday. I have never been on a hedonistic holiday before but I am really looking forward to this one. It will be a new experience, and of course, I know that my own dream escorts will be there. It is nice to have a pair of capable hands with you.

In the future, we will probably indulge in more of these types of holidays and I understand that there are many exciting resorts around the world. My sexy husband has been telling me about them, and I am really looking forward to visit them with him. Maybe, this will just like so many new exciting things that we have found together, a new regular feature in our lives. If, we can continue to explore our lives together, I personally think that we will have a great and exciting future ahead of us.

What is the most important thing about escorts for couples? The most important thing is to be able to realize that you need to be honest with yourself. Not everyone may enjoying this kind of dating. If you don’t enjoy it – say no but if you do, continue to explore the experience and indulge your senses. This is very much what my husband and I do on our dates, and this is what make them so pleasurable to us.
If, you can do the same, I am sure that you will get as much out of your dates as we get out of ours.