Epping Escorts: The Pride Of Essex

I thought long and hard before I moved out to Epping in Essex. Yes you can still get easily into London, but Epping is a totally different kettle of fish from living in London.  Epping is still very much an English market down, and there is still a local weekly market in Epping. As a matter of fact, there has been a market in Epping since 1253, and I often think about that as I walk around the weekly market.

At the same time, I do manage to spare a thought for my hot girls at Epping escorts.

Cheap Epping Escorts

Just because this is rural England, it does not mean that you are going to be stepping into No Escort’s Land. Epping is actually a busy commuter town, and I think that at least 75% of the local population commute into London every day. It can make the town feel rather bare during the day, but once the evening comes around, Epping blossoms again.

A lot of the local gents used to date escorts in London before they got back on the train. However, in recent years a lot of that has changed and the locals have taken to dating Epping escorts. The truth is that the girls who work for Epping escorts are just as experienced as many of their counterparts in central London. You are not going to believe this, but many of the girls who work for Epping escorts used to work in central London.

A few months ago, I bumped into a hot girl at cheap Epping escorts that I thought I recognized. We had actually dated when she worked for a VIP escorts service in Mayfair. It was nice to meet a friendly face and since that day Lucy and I have seen a lot more of each other.

Lucy used to be one of my favourite escorts in Epping when I lived in London, so I was overjoyed when I realized that she had joined Epping escorts. Like so many other girls who have moved out to join Epping escorts, she had enough of living in London. I know exactly what she meant and I have to admit that I am pleased that Lucy has joined Epping escorts. Another hot and interesting girl to date when I have some extra time to myself.

My Epping Escorts Addiction

Am I addicted to dating escorts? Well, I am not very good in a relationship, and I think that I am pretty much addicted to dating Epping escorts now.

Many of the girls who you will find at Epping escorts have had an interesting career in and around the porn industry in London. Some of the fine young ladies have even been porn stars. Other Epping escorts such as my little sexy Lucy have been adult models. You are not very likely to tire of Epping escorts. They have a lot of experience, and know exactly how to treat and turn on their dates. Really there is little wonder that I am addicted to dating Epping escorts.

Not all of the girls are the same at Epping escorts. Looking at some of the central London escort services, I think that the girls are beginning to look more and more generic. They are like little Barbie dolls who are more and more like each other. It does not turn me on at all, and I would rather date girls who have a lot more individual style. That is exactly what you get when you sign up for dating Epping escorts.

Epping In general

Epping is a great place to live and I have a very active social life. The local golf and country club is great and I have been able to make a lot of friends here as well. Let me tell you that you are never on your own with Epping escorts. You can phone up any time night or day when you fancy some company.

As I have more time on my hands these days, I tend to date a couple of times during the week. The weekend and part of the week is for things like golf and tennis. I suppose together with my fine girls at Epping escorts, I live the perfect life.