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Today, Edgware London is mainly a shopping and residential part of London, but it has a very interesting past. The truth us that you can’t find out everything that is good to know about London on Wikipedia. Silk production used to be an important part of the English economy a couple of hundred years ago, and believe it or not, Edgware in London had its own silk mill. Perhaps this is why the culture of Edgware is so diverse and different. You will find an interesting ethnic mix in this part of north-west London, and it may not surprise, that Edgware escorts service, is one of the more multi-cultural escorts services in all of London.

Hot girls at Edgware escorts

We take a certain pride in the multi-cultural background of Edgware escorts. When I first started the agency, says Vera who owns the Edgware escort services, I wanted it to reflect the community of Edgware. At the time mainly local gents dated the hot girls here in Edgware, but in recent years, that has changed a lot. We may be at the end of the Northern line of the Underground system, but lots more gents are making their way to Edgware these days.

Of course, Edgware has been sung about in songs, and a lot of tourist and visitors to London are curious what the place is all about. I think that Edgware escorts is a reflection of what London is like today – we are a truly international team. London has always been a bit of a melting pot, but in recent years, many minority communities have grown. People have started to open businesses servicing their own communities, and this is reflected at Edgware escorts. Not only British gents date my hot ladies here in Edgware.

The changing face of London

We are certainly becoming a lot more multi-cultural here in London. When my mom was young, she said that she could only get a decent Jewish bagel in Mile End Road in London. That is no longer true, and Jewish people have now spread out all over London. That is true for many of the other nationalities as well. Yes, there are still a lot of Chinese and Orientals in China town, but they have also started to move to other parts of London. I even have a pretty Japanese girl working for me at Edgware escorts. That really goes to show how multi-cultural that we are today.

But, I think all of this is good. I love the fact that we have so many different cultures in London, and that is reflected at Edgware escorts. Many of my girls, whether they are English or Indian, are always busy. That just goes to prove how important it is to focus on being a quality escorts service. You could have all of the hot girls you want, but if gents don’t enjoy their company, you will quickly end up closing your doors. I know that, and this is why I am putting so much effort into Edgware escorts.

One to one fun with Edgware escorts

There are so many different dating styles today that I think that gents are becoming confused. I have personally looked into things like escorts for couples and duo dating, but I am not sure that it is for Edgware escorts at all. Looking at the agencies that offer all of these services, it seems a bit like they are just trying to jump on the band wagon. I don’t want Edgware girls to be like that at all, so I am making sure that we stand out from the crowd.

Yes, I want us to be successful, but around here, success does not always come from adopting the same style as many other agencies. In my personal opinion, I think it is sometimes better to be a bit of niche agency, and offer high quality services instead. That is very much what Edgware escorts services are focused on. I truly believe that our excellent one to one dating service stands out from the crowd, and that we offer something that many men would like – a bit of genuine companionship.

The future of escorting

Sometimes I think it is too easy to let go of the past. Many agencies in the center of London seem to have done just that. Instead of being sexy companions, many of the escorts at the VIP and elite agencies, are ending up as adult entertainers. Is this really want gents are after? I am not so sure about that. This is the main reason why Edgware escorts is a bit of a grass roots agency, and that we are keeping things simple.

When you arrange a date with Edgware escorts, you are not going to be pestered into trying to take on other services. I will send out the sexiest girl from the agency to keep you company, and look after you. There is no way I am going to force my girls on reception, to take gents into duo dating and things like that. With us gents know exactly what they are going to get, and I think they appreciate that. It is probably the main reason why we have so many regulars here at Edgware escorts. Also, it is easier for the girls, because they know what dating with us is going to be like. If gents are interested in things like duo dating, I would point them in the right direction, but otherwise, we can provide a lot of fun for our gents.

Dating with Edgware escorts mean that you can date almost any girl you like. We have lots of hot and sexy ladies from many parts of the world. Some agencies find it hard to hang on to their girls but I have never had that problem at all. The girls who work for me seem to enjoy it, and they are really good at looking after our steady stream of gents. Quality dates are available with our hot Edgware babes.

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