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Are you planning a visit to Kent? If you are hoping to take a break in Kent, you should not miss out on visiting the village of Dode. This pretty small Kent village was almost wiped out by the Black death in 1359. Today, Dode is very much a thriving rural community. It may not be packed with local attractions, but if you would like to enjoy a quiet afternoon relaxing, it is the perfect place to come for a bit of rest and relaxation. Enjoy a walk or just take some time out relaxing in the local village pub. It can be said Dode is a bit of well-kept secret. 

The Benefits Of Morning Sex

When you work for an escort agency, you get asked all sorts of questions. For some reason, the men who like to date cheap escorts up and down the country, think that we are sex gurus. That is not strictly true. Most girls at cheap Dode escorts are happy to answer questions about sex, but that does not mean all of the girls have the right kind of experience. Some of the girls who have just joined the escort agency in Dode do not have enough experience to answer questions about sex.

However, I like to do my best. If you would like to know something about sex or other adult experiences, there is no reason why you should not ask one of the more experienced girls at Dode escorts. As I like to say to my clients, you live and you learn. That is certainly something that I have done since I have been working for Dode Escorts.

What Makes Sex In The Morning Good For You?

Should you have sex in the morning or late at night? There is a plethora of reasons why sex in the morning is better for you. I often say to my cheap Dode escorts clients that having sex in the morning is a bit like coffee and croissants in bed. Instead of having to rush that cup of coffee and croissant at your local cafe, you can take your time to savour it. It is the same thing with sex in the morning There is no need to rush it. Instead you can take the time to enjoy it. Sunday morning sex is simply the best and I think that we should have more of it.

Early morning sex will help you to feel relaxed throughout the day. If you find that you get stressed out during the day, perhaps you should consider staying in bed for a little bit longer. Most men who have sex in the morning say that they have more patience and don’t argue with their colleagues so much. The same thing foes for women who have sex in the morning, they claim that they feel more relaxed.

Sex Makes You Smarter According To Dode Escorts

Nootropic medicine is the latest thing. We all know that a cup of coffee will help us to think better, but does the same thing work when it comes to sex. As a matter of fact, people who have sex first thing in the morning have been found to have a better mental capacity. It is interesting and it does make you wonder why it happens. Could it be that certain feel-good hormones stimulate the mind and help you to think better? 

The nervous system and the endocrine system are linked. If one is stimulated, it only stands to reason that the other system may benefit. Perhaps this is why sex in the morning turns into smarter and more agile thinkers. Maybe it is the secret to intelligence. It is often said that one of the biggest geniuses of all time, Professor Einstein, had a lot of sex. It is about time we all took a leaf out of his book and had more sex in the morning.

Would you like to know more about the health benefits of sex? If you do, all you need to do is to give Dode escorts a call. We would be more than happy to tell you all about the health benefits associated with sex and how you can benefit from having sex in the morning.