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Crofton Park is a district in the London Borough of Lewisham. Surprisingly, it is actually a very green part of London, and many interesting and exciting London walks start here. Once, it used to be a busy market area but over the last hundred years, things have changed a lot. As more people have moved out of central London, Crofton Park has very much become a residential area and people from many different ethnic backgrounds live in this part of London.

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  • Ramona

  • Anastasia

  • Lexus

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  • Ella

  • Adelina

Sexy Crofton Park Escorts

I moved to Crofton Park in South East London after I had sold my parents old home. A few years ago, this part of south east London was a lot cheaper and I was able to get much better value for money. Sure I could have stayed in Richmond, but I did not really feel it was for me anymore. Everything had changed in my local neighbourhood and unless you had celebrity status, it was hard to make your voice heard. Even my old local seemed to have been taken over by celebs.

So, I sold up and moved to Crofton Park in South East London. It terms of mileage, it was not such a great big move, but this part of London certainly has a different atmosphere. Richmond is kind of snobbish and full of what I would call posh folk. In Crofton Park, you are much more likely to find genuine people and that is what I like.

My first couple of months in Crofton Park were rather miserable, and I admit to feeling lonely. In the end, I had enough and looked up the escort agency in Crofton Park. I was in bad need of some sexy female company.

To be honest, I did not not expect a lot of Crofton Park escorts first of all, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcall escorts service here in Crofton Park, their rates were so low. To be honest, the hot babes were just as kinky and sexy as many of the outcall escorts that I had dated in Richmond. Yes, it would have been nice to break my escorts habit, but to be honest, I am not so sure that is really for me at all.

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Her name is Alina, and she is a hot brunette girl. On our first date it felt like our souls floated together and we really seemed to enjoy ourselves. When I started to date Alina at cheap Crofton Park escorts, Alema had only been with the agency for a weeks. Now, she is one of the hottest and sexiest escorts at the agency, but she always make sure that I get what I need. There are times that I wish that I was the only man in Alina’s dating diary. Who knows? One day this exciting and exotic beauty from Crofton Park escorts might be my personal girlfriend. One thing is for sure, in many ways Alema is my dream girl, and I cannot get enough of her and her exotic pleasures. Would I like to meet another escort at Crofton Park escorts? To be honest, I don’t think that there is another girl at Crofton Park escorts like my Alina.

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Although I work in central London, I always come back to Crofton Park to take my pleasures with Alina and sometimes some of the other girls at cheap Crofton Park escorts. There is something very special about the girls at Crofton Park escorts. Although they are all very young, they love to look after their men. I give them their due. Despite there young age, these girls truly know how to pleasure their men. If you are looking for a dating experience that will give you that ultimate sense of fulfilment, perhaps you should check out Crofton Park escorts. These little vixens have so many things to offer and I enjoy their company more than anything in life. One thing is for sure, I have no attention of giving up the pleasure of my sexy companions at Crofton Park escorts. Once you meet the girls, I am sure that you would feel the same way.