Colney Hatch escorts in North London

You may think lunatic asylum the moment you hear Colney Hatch. It is true, a lunatic asylum once stood here in Colney Hatch but that once stood here. That is all gone now and has been replaced with two housing estates. But, Colney Hatch Asylum left us with some memorable phrases in English.

Today, Colney Hatch is a small district in the London Borough of Barnet and is mainly a residential area. I have lived in Colney Hatch for a long time now, and I rather enjoy this part of London. It is a little bit more gentle but it is easy enough to get into central London for work should you need to.

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Colney Hatch Escorts

This used to be a right little back water of Greater London, but since more and more people are trying to move out of over priced central London, things have changed here as well. Property is becoming more and more expensive, and I do think that we are running a risk of becoming overcrowded.

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I do have a couple of favorite babes at cheap Colney Hatch escorts. Sonia is one of my favorite outcall escorts of all time. She has been an escorting for a few years now and has a wealth of experience. What I really like about Sonia is that she is never in a rush. Lots of girls are, but Sonia is different.

She is also one of the sexiest girls that I have ever met. Some escorts have a fake sexiness about them, but not our Elaine. She has a genuine sexy personality, and with that amazing figure, she is a real goddess to feast your eyes on. Her hips are perfect, and she finishes it all of with a sexy smile that speaks a thousand words. She is my dream girl at Colney Hatch escorts and I always look forward to spending time with her.

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Life in Colney Hatch

This is perhaps not the most exciting place to live in London, but I like it. Yes there are times when I wish that I lived back in central London, but then I think of the expense and all of the hassle. I would also miss out on the delightful sexy companionship of Colney Hatch escorts. Most of the time I just stop for a moment, and I think that I have got the best of everything here in Colney Hatch. Hot girls when I need them and a great lifestyle.