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Colnbrook is a delightful village with the boundaries of Slough in Berkshire. It is a pretty village with about 6,500 residents. Not only is it a delightful place to live but it is also a practical place to live. Colnbrook in Berkshire is closed to the M4 and if you look on the map, you can also see that it is very close to Heathrow airport. If you work in Slough or in West London, it could be the perfect place to live. In Colnbrook you are close to London, but you still get that rural feel.

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I love living in Colnbrook in Berkshire. For a guy like me who works at Heathrow, it is the ideal place to live and really affordable. It is easy to get into work, and you still have the benefit of living in the countryside.  I have not always lived in Colnbrook. Before I lived in Colnbrook I used to live in Harrow but I moved here after splitting up with my partner.

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Colnbrook Delights

There is no need to stay in with your sexy delights from Colnbrook escorts. Yes, I know that it might be tempting to close the door and through away the key, but I like to show the girls off as well. As we are so close to Slough, it is easy to pop out for a meal in a discreet restaurant with one of your delights from Colnbrook escorts.

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