Cold Ash Escorts

Cold Ash is a Berkshire village located between Newbury and Thatcham. It is very much of what can be called a working village. Most of the people that live in Cold Ash have a higher than average income and work in places like London and other parts of Berkshire. The cost of buying a home in Cold Ash is slightly above other towns and villages in Berkshire. 

What You Need To Know About Escorting In Cold Ash

Do you work as an escort in a small village in the UK? When I first joined Cold Ash escorts in Berkshire, I did not think that dating and working for an escort agency in a small village would that much different from dating cheap escorts in London. However, I had not long been with Cold Ash escorts when I realised that working for an escort agency in Cold Ash was going to be very different. 

I guess that there are more escorts in London and you are probably less conscious of being an escort when you work in a big town or city. All of that changed when I started to date for Cold Ash escorts. As I was rather new to the area, I did not really know my way around. Whenever I went out on a date, it felt like everybody looked at me anyway. However, when I went out with a guy on behalf of Cold Ash escorts, it really felt like I stood out in a crowd. 

Are All Cold Ash Escorts Sexy? 

I think that many of the girls who work for the escort agency in Cold Ash are sexy. But that does not necessarily apply to all of the local girls who work as Cold Ash escorts. They look a bit more “toned down” when compared to the other Cold Ash escorts who used to work in London. When I had been with the escort agency for a couple of months, I did start to change my look. Yes, my hair was still long and blonde. Let me put it this way, I had to ditch the stilettos for more sensible court shoes. 

If you are going to make a success out of your escorts career in a small village in Berkshire such as Cold Ash, you do need to change. You have to realise that you are going to be working in a smaller place. All eyes are actually going to be on you when you go out on dinner dates with your clients. Both men and women are going to look at you and wonder what you are up to.

How To Dress Like A Country Girlfriend

If you are thinking about joining Cold Ash escorts, I think it is important that you make an effort to fit into the local community as well. You need to pick up some of the hobbies that the local ladies are into. Horse riding is very popular in the area and so is dog walking. I am not sure that horse riding is for all former London girls but I have to admit that I rather enjoy it. It is one of those things that gives you something to talk about with the other ladies. 

You also need to change the way you dress. Believe it or not, you can look sexy even if you are not dressed in mini skirts all of the time. I even wear pretty nice blouses now and a nice coat. Just like the other Cold Ash escorts who were born locally, I fit into a crowd so much better. Gone are the days of the thigh high boots, short skirts and cropped tops. 

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If you are bored with sitting home on your own in Cold Ash or anywhere else for that matter, please do not hesitate to give Cold Ash escorts a call. We love to take you out for the night and show you what a good time you have in Cold Ash or one of the other surrounding villages. If this is your first date with a Cold Ash escort, I will make sure that you have a really good time. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored when you go out with a hot girl from the escort agency in Cold Ash.