Clerkenwell in Islington

I did not realize until recently that Clerkenwell had been named after a local well. It was lost but rediscovered in 1924. Now it can be seen as part of a property development called Well Court. It is amazing how little you may know about your own neighbourhood. This part of Islington in North London has always been famous for its Italian influence and you can still find some Italian delicatessen shops around here. I like living in this part of London and I still think it is one of the friendlier parts of London.

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Clerkenwell Escorts

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Victoria at Clerkenwell Escorts

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Living in Clerkenwell

As you may have gathered I rather like living in Clerkenwell. Apart from the excellent company of cheap Clerkenwell escorts. I think this is one of the best places in London. Yes, there are a lot of cultures living together, but we all get on.

Going out to eat, or just for a drink, is a real pleasure. Everybody seem to have a little bit more time for each other here in Clerkenwell and that is reflected throughout the community. I don’t think that I would ever move away from this part of London. My flat is cramped and things can be a bit hectic in this part of London as well, but I am glad that I have made my home here.