A Chingy Price for Chingford escorts

I think that Chingford is one of the nicest places that you can live in Essex, says Vivi from Chingford escorts. It is so beautifully situated on the river Ching here in Greater East London, and it is so nice green place to come home to after a day in central London. Yes, it is very easy to commute into central London from Chingford. As a matter of fact, Chingford is a very historic part of London, and I think that more people should visit. A number of Royals appreciated the area, and we have the famous Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge here. Epping Forest is also right on our doorstep.

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Cheap Chingford escorts

It is a bit cheaper to live in this part of London, and this is why Chingford escorts can afford to charge lower prices. We all know that property prices are dreadful in central London, and this is the main reason why I left central London. After having worked hard in the London escort service, I did have a bit of money in my piggy bank, but I felt that it wasn’t really getting me anything in central London. I still wanted to work, so I moved out to Chingford and started the agency.

Just because Chingford escorts have lower rate, it doesn’t mean that the service is rubbish. Many of the girls who work for the agency,a re either former London adult models or London escorts. The girls have a lot of experience in between, and we offer a full range of services. Not all our services are as popular as one-on-one dating but people are catching on. In the last month our duo dating team has been really busy, and I am glad that our escorts for couples service is becoming very popular as well.

Determined to run your own business

It was not easy to start Chingford escorts at all. At first I did not know if I was going to do it or not. I had two different ideas when I first arrived in Chingford. The first one was to start my own agency, and the second one was to go back to London and work two days per week. It upset that I had lost some of my regular dates as I was very close to them. In the end, I decided to go ahead with Chingford escorts, and today I am glad that I did.

I knew a little bit about running an escorts service, and I had a very good idea wanted I wanted Chingford escorts to be all about. To be honest, there are quite a few Essex agencies around but they are rather tun of the mill. I wanted our agency to be different and offer the same kind of services that you might expect to find in London. In the end, I ended up attracting quite a few London girls to come and work. It was a bit strange for them to start with but now they are doing really well.

Experienced Chingford escorts

Taking a look at the other agencies in the immediate area, I did realize quite early on that a lot of their escorts were not that experienced. Many of the girls who were dating through the agencies, had just arrived from abroad and even had poor command of English. I know that a lot of gents in this area do prefer really sexy ladies, so I made sure that I recruited the sexiest and most experienced ladies I could get a hold of from London. It has worked, and I have to blow my own horn, but Chingford escorts were off to a flying start.

In the next few months we are further going to expand our services as we have a dominatrix lady joining Chingford escorts. At first, I did not think there would be any interest in that sort of thing here in Chingford, but it seems that many of the local gents have a real passion for role play and dominatrix services. It has surprised me a bit, but I thought that I would bring the service on line before anybody else beat me to it.

What’s next?

Well, what is next for Chingford escorts? We do already have a really strong presence on the Internet, but I am hoping to do a lot of more work on our Chingford escorts web site. I have recently recruited some girls, and they need to have their photos and biographies on the site. I don’t go for any of that fake stuff at all. None of the photos which appear on our site have been photo shopped at all. I know that lots of escort agencies do that, but that is not for Chingford escorts at all. I passionately believe that we should be a genuine agency.

Another thing that a lot of local gents seem to be worried about is price. I know that a lot of Essex agencies are putting their prices up but I am not planning to do that at all. The truth is that many of the agencies are just too greedy, and I think that many of them have just jumped on the escorts band wagon. They are in the business of making money. Well, so am I but I don’t want Chingford escorts to be in business for a short period of time, I want us to be here for the long run.

My former boss at the agency that I used to work, cannot believe that I have started my own agency. At first when I told him I intended to start Chingford escorts he was a bit gobsmacked but now he is more surprised at our success. Perhaps he wishes that he had sold up his central London agency, and moved out here. Central London is so competitive on everything, but that is not a problem here in Chingford and Essex, as long as you run a quality escorts service. After all, that is what I am concentrating on.

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