Chilmington Green in Ashford Kent

When I was little boy, and travelled to Ashford in Kent to visit my grandma, I seem to remember Chilmington Green. I think that we drove through it a couple of times, and maybe stopped for an ice cream once. Back then, Chilmington Green was nothing more than a small hamlet consisting of farms and a cheap few houses. Today, Chilmington Green in Kent seems to have taken on a life of its own. There is a great deal of urban development going on here, and if I did not know better, I would say that it looks like Chilmington Green is going to become part of Ashford in the not too distant future.

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Do I regret keeping my grandma’s old place close to Chilmington Green? With all of this development ongoing and even more in the pipeline, Chilmington Green may not have been the ideal place to settle in for many people.

I am not sure that I have actually settled here yet, but I do like to get out of town to spend time in the country. To be fair, I have this sneaky suspicion that my nan’s old place will go up in value not down. After all, somebody is bound to want an old listed cottage one day.

Until I am ready to sell the place, I am making the most of it. Having discovered the secret pleasures of Chilmington Green, I come home more than delighted from my weekends breaks in the area.

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