Chilham in Kent

Are you looking for your cheap dream English cottage? If you are looking for your dream English cottage, and would like to live in rural England, Chilham Nr Ashford in Kent is perhaps the sort of place you would head off to. Despite Chilham being mainly an agricultural village with just over 1,000 residents, it is to many from outside of the area, the ideal place to start again. With its many listed cottages and other buildings, Chilham in Kent is many people’s dream of a rural idyll.

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Chilham Escorts in Kent

Most of my friends in town were really surprised when I moved to Chilham in Kent after my divorce from my second wife. They all thought that I was really entrenched in London and was going to stay there forever. But, I felt that I needed a change of pace and a cheaper lifestyle.

You may wonder why Chilham in Kent. Well, I went there on a weekend break with my second wife. She hated the place, and in many ways I felt it was as far from her that I was likely to get. Also one of the advantages was that I could easily get into London from Chilham.

Relationships were not even on the horizons went I moved out to Chilham. Still, after a few weeks, I found myself craving a bit of female companionship. In London I could have called an escort agency, but I felt that it was very unlikely that I would be able to find a cheap outcall escorts in this part of Kent. However, I could not have been wrong.

I put in cheap Chilham escorts in an Internet search engine, and to my surprise, a local escort agency showed up in the results. Chilham escorts was not just a piece of wishful thinking, it turned out that Chilham escorts service was very much up and running.

Slowly browsing through the web site, I find that the girls were just as hot, and had just as much sex appeal, as many other outcall escorts back in town. I looked through all of the sexy images, but found it hard to make up my mind. In all honesty, the girls at Chilham escorts all looked sorely tempting. Deciding on which sexy lady to date was not going to be easy at all.

In the end, I settled for a hot brunette called Amy. She looked pretty young but she had a nice and sparkling blue eyes.

Amy from Chilham Escorts

The girl on the reception was very efficient and arranged for Amy from Chilham escorts to come around later the same afternoon. I had not dated in ages so I was kind of nervous.

When I opened the door to my cottage, Amy was just about to knock the door. This sexy brunette from Chilham escorts looked even sexier than in her images on the cheap Chilham escorts web site. I beckoned her in, and she smiled and mouthed a silent thanks.

I must have stood there dumbstruck for a few minutes as Amy from Chilham escorts was forced to remove and hang up her own coat. Realizing that I was starring at her assets which seemed to arrive before Amy, I smiled and finally managed to say hello.

Amy from Chilham escorts was one of the nicest and friendliest girls that I had ever met. She a clear Kent accent so it was obvious that she was a local girl.

We chatted, well rather Amy from Chilham escorts talked, as I was too busy drinking all of her in very slowly. She was truly stunning with her long blonde hair and sexy long legs. A hint of a stocking top was showing as we sat chatting, and I could feel myself stirring.

How we ended up on the sofa I cannot remember, but that was where I woke up a couple of hours later covered with a blanket. There was no sign of Amy from Chilham escorts, but her scent lingered in the air.

Living In Chilham

My friends now wonder why I do not come to London that often.  The truth is that I really don’t need to. Everything that I need can be found right here in Chilham or Ashford in Kent and for half the price. I am certainly not ready for a new relationship yet, and I have to say that I have everything that I need with Chilham escorts.

That first date with Amy gave me my confidence back, and I am now finally enjoying life again.