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Chieveley in Berkshire is perhaps best known for its motorway services. However, this is also a residential village with a lot to offer. Many of the local residents of Chieveley have settled in this part of Berkshire as it is easy to reach other parts of Berkshire and the motorway network from this part of West Berkshire

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Do Some Men Get Turned On By Their Wife Having a Lover?

A couple of days ago, I hooked up with one of my regular Chieveley clients. We have been dating for a while now, but so far, this guy has not told me that much about himself. However, on this occasion, he did start to open up. He told me that he loves his wife very much, but she has a lover. When she is with her lover, he pops around to see me or one of the other girls at cheap Chieveley escorts.

When my client told me that his wife has a lover, I was totally taken back. It was the first time any of my cheap Chieveley escorts clients had told me that he knew that hos wife had a lover. For some reason, the fact that his wife had a lover, did not seem to bother him at all. To my surprise, he kind of said it with a smile on his face. As you can imagine, I had to ask him why he was smiling.

Just Another Day At cheap Chieveley Escorts

At first, it felt like just another date with cheap Chieveley escorts. But, as we started to chat, I realised that there was more to this date than met the eye. The guy was totally fine about his wife having a lover. He even went as far as to say that it turned him on. I have to admit that it took me by complete surprise. I kind of said there and just looked at him with this funny look on my face.

When you work for a cheap escort agency in Chieveley Berkshire, you come across all kind of case scenarios. I guess the same thing happens when you work for an elite escort agency. But, as I have never worked for an elite escort agency in Chievely, I really don’t know what goes on at all. No matter what they say, I was surprised that my date was happy for his wife to have a lover with his knowledge.

What Turns Men On According To cheap Chieveley Escorts

When you are turned on by your wife having a lover, it is called cuckodling. The men who are into this sort of thing are often more submissive. This was the first time I have come across the habit, but according to the other girls at Chieveley escorts, it is not that uncommon. Some men who are into this sort of thing will go to extraordinary lengths to be support of their wives. A few of them, like my date, will even help their wife to find a lover.

During my time with cheap Chieveley escorts, I have been on all sorts of dates and really enjoyed, but this guy had be stunned. To a certain extent, I have to admit that I felt a bit sorry for him. But then again, he clearly enjoyed dating me as he kept coming back time and time again. I finally plucked up the courage and asked if his wife knew about me. He looked at me and told me that he would never dare to tell his wife about dating cheap London escorts. That did not surprise me at all. I wonder how many other men are out there and let their wives date their lovers while they hook up with their favorite girls at the escort agency in Chieveley.

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