Chelsfield near Bromley

I have always wanted to live in a cheap little village, so when I found Chelsfield in Bromley driving around one Sunday, I just jumped at the chance of living there. Chelsfield, in the London Borough of Bromley, seemed like the ideal opportunity for me to try a little bit of country living. Chelsfield is not very far from London, and I could actually get into London in less than an hour. Still, Chelsfield and that sort of rural feel to it, and I really enjoyed the village atmosphere. Now that I am living here in Chelsfield, I really do feel that I have made the right move.

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Chelsfield Escorts

At first, I thought that I would end up a bit lonely in Chelsfield. After all, I had moved away from all of my friends and connections with escorts in West London. But, to be fair, I need not to have worried. When I was surfing the net soon after have arrived in the village, I came across ad advert for cheap Chelsfield escorts. I must admit that I was a bit taken back at first, and I was not sure of this was a genuine escort agency. However, after a quick call to the escort agency, I was able to confirm that Chelsfield escorts were genuine affordable outcall escorts. Hurriedly I told the lovely young lady on the Chelsfield escorts reception that I would call back after having checked out the website.

All of the girls on the Chelsfield escorts website were stunning. It was really going to be hard to pick a first date and I did not know how to go about it. I had always had a passion for dating blondes, so I started to read about all of the blonde outcall escorts at Chelsfield escorts first of all. The blondes at the escort agency were both glamorous and sexy, and I felt that I just wanted to point to the screen, and see what hot bit of stuff my finger landed on. But, in the end, I decided to be a bit more selective than than.

I went through each individual profile and image until I finally narrowed my choice down to three hot girls at Chelsfield escorts. Clearly I would not be able to date all three Chelsfield escorts at the same time. After a further ten minutes, I finally managed to decide on what hot girl to date. Her name was Roxy, and she looked like a complete stunner.

Roxy from Chelsfield Escorts

I called the reception back and asked for a date with the sexy Roxy at their best price. She was busy at the time but she could be with me in about two hours. It was the most two anxious hours in my life as I placed around the place waiting for my first girl from Chelsfield escorts.

I did all of the usual things, I took a shower, drank too many coffees and even waited anxiously by the door for about ten minutes. Roxy was of course on time, and turned up at my door with a big smile on her face. I don’t know of she figured it out, but I was actually stood by the door at the time.

Lucy in the flesh was even more stunning than her photo and she smelt really good as well. I did not want to be too pushy so I gave her a lot of space. We chatted for a while, and Lucy then helped me to relax.

Her body was just perfect and I openly admired her tiny little waist and curvy hips. She was wearing this tight white t-shirt with a white bra. Lucy’s cherry red nipples showed through the material, and I realized that this was one seriously hot girl. Since that first date, I have spent a lot more time with the delicious Roxy and because of the low price per hour sometimes she stayed for a whole night.

Life in General in Chelmsfield

I do still like living in Chelsfield and I think it is the best moved that I have made. It is so much more peaceful and much cheaper than West London and I don’t feel that I need to rush any where. It took me some time to get over that London effect, and it was almost like going through a process of calming down. Now I am happily settled in Chelsfield and I am enjoying life here in Kent.

When my friends in London ask me if I am lonely, I simply tell them not to be silly but I don’t say a word about my special friends at Chelsfield escorts.