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Chelmsford Escorts from Charlotte London Escorts Are Just Divine

I love living in Chelmsford, says Nikki from Chelmsford escorts. I actually found Chelmsford quite by accident when I was driving around Essex one day. At the time I was desperate to move out of central London, and fancied somewhere different. The fact is that Chelmsford is only about 30 minutes out of central London on the Great Eastern Main Line. This is superb, as it is so easy to pop into central London for shopping. originally, Chelmsford was a Roman settlement and is one of the oldest towns in Eseex. It was recently granted City status and is just a wonderful place to live.

New beginnings with Chelmsford escorts

When I gave up my job with an elite agency in central London, I knew that I wanted to stay in the escorts service. During the five years that I had worked in the porn an escorts service in London, I had learned a lot. My first idea was to find a local service, but what I found I did not like the look of at all. This how Chelmsford escorts services was born. It is still hard to believe that I have my own agency here in Chelmsford and sometimes I just pinch myself.

It was not at all easy to set up Chelmsford escorts. First of all, a lot of English girls are not really interested in becoming escorts these days, so I had to recruit from other nationalities that live in Chelmsford. A lot of Essex escorts services only use girls from other towns, but I did not want that. I wanted local gents to be able to date local girls. The thing is, I know that most people here are commuters, so outcalls were going to be thing. It was really important that my Chelmsford escorts knew the local area.

Challenges of running an Essex escort service

The other escorts service in the area is rather amateurish. As I had worked for an elite service before starting Chelmsford escorts, I knew that you sort of have to get really savvy with marketing so that I focused on. I wanted to make sure then somebody types in Chelmsford in a search engine, our agency would be on page one. Eventually, after a lot of work, that is exactly what I have got and I think that has made a lot of difference. We got busy almost straight away.

I also focused on recruiting the right kind of girls. At the moment we are sort of just doing a lot of one-on-one dating, and I went for that as I thought it would be the most popular dating style here in Essex and Chelmsford. Of course, we are hoping to expand our dating style within the next couple of months, but at first I wanted to get Chelmsford escorts established and out there, if you know what I mean. Fortunately, the girls I have recruited are excellent and really seem to be enjoying dating for the service here in Chelmsford.

Who dates Chelmsford escorts?

Well, who doesn’t date Chelmsford escorts? Lots of the gents who live in this part of the world seem to work in the City, Docklands or Canary Wharf. Most of them are fairly busy and I would imagine they would find it hard to maintain personal relationships at this stage in their lives. Gents like these take up most of our dating diary, and I am sure that this trend will continue. In other words, Chelmsford escorts cater for a lot of young professionals with busy lifestyles.

On the other hand, I have noticed a lot of local gents are beginning to use the service as well. When I speak to them to arrange their dates, it is apparent that many of them used to date in London, but since we started Chelmsford escorts, it is obvious that many of them are beginning to change their habits and styles. The local gents here in Chelmsford are mainly interested in one on one dating, and that is fine with me. It is great way for my girls to ease into escorting. Many of the girls are new to escorting, but even so, they seem to enjoy it.

What is the future?

I am looking to stay in business for a little bit longer until I start to introduce new services. Some of the local gents have already asked for services like duo dating. Many of them have come across things like duo dating, and role play dating, in London or when traveling abroad. I do appreciate that we need to expand on our services here at the agency, but I would like my Chelmsford escorts to have some more experience first of all. It is not going to happen overnight.

Also, the local Swingers community are really interested in escorts for couples. They have already been on the phone quite a few times, and are keen to have some exclusive services available. I didn’t know that there was such a large Swingers community here in Chelmsford and I have to say that it has surprised me a bit. Escorts for couples was a very popular service in London, and I am sure that it will be here as well eventually. Once gain, it is that sort of thing that you work your way up to, and do not start all at once. I am not sure that my Chelmsford escorts are ready for it as yet.

I am really enjoying Chelmsford escorts and I have to admit that I have a clear business plan. Lots of people are already trying to put pressure on the agency to deliver a complete service, but that is not going to happen until the girls are ready. I want Chelmsford escorts to be a real quality service, and it is important to me that we do deliver a good service. I know that there is competition in Essex, and the only way the business is going to survive, is if we stand out and deliver a VIP service.

Cheap London escorts are available for all sorts of occasions. Call us today at 07947875604 to discuss your needs and we will not disappoint! We’re confident that you will be back to see us quicker than you thought possible.

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