Chase Cross In North London and their escorts

Living in north London is a bit different from living in central London. Ever since I qualified as a pilot, I have been living in Chase Cross in North London. It is a bit closer to the M25 and in particular M1 as I fly out of Luton. Chase Cross is part of the London Borough of Havering, and is perhaps a bit more rural than other parts of North London. The place has sort of grown on me, and Romford town centre is only 2 miles away. For me, living in this part of North London is all about convenience.

Chase Cross Escorts for My Pleasure

As a recently qualified pilot, I am trying to cram in as many air hours as possible. Most people outside the flying game do not realize that it is all about air hours and getting your hours up. As a result, your social and personal life often suffers. My girlfriend split up with her just because I did not have enough time to spend with her. It was really upsetting. At the moment, I don’t really fancy getting attached, so I have started to date cheap Chase Cross escorts.

Flying can be really stressful and there are days when I feel more like a bus driver than a pilot. You are always checking your schedule and every minute seems to matter. There is little wonder so many pilots suffer from stress.

I try to do my best to keep stress at bay. One of my favorite tricks is to date cheap Chase Cross escorts. It sounds silly but in really helps. Most guys probably associate outcall escorts with sexual services and prostitution, but that is not the case. None of the girls that I have date at Chase Cross escorts have been prostitutes. All of the girls that I have dated at the escort agency have just been sexy ladies. Sure, cheap Chase Cross escorts appreciate a bit of adult fun as much as the next person, and I must admit they are seriously hot for a North London escort agency.

Dating Chase Cross escorts is not really a long term option for me even though it would be cheaper than getting a girlfriend. I know that a lot of guys get hooked on dating outcall escorts, but I am trying to not let that happen to me. It is not easy at times to be hones, the girls that I have met at Chase Cross escorts are all stunning and some a real crackers.

Favorite Sex Kittens at Chase Cross Escorts

I call my girls at Chase Cross Escorts my favorite little sex kittens. None of the other guys at the airline know that I am talking about dating escorts. I just say to them that I am going out with one of my sex kittens tonight and they all laugh.  The girls at cheap Chase Cross escorts appreciate the story as well and we all have a laugh about it when we are together.

Alma is one of my favorite girls at Chase Cross escorts. Until recently I did not know that the name meant soul in Spanish. This hot little sex kitten from Malaga is one of the sexiest ladies that I have ever seen. I do have the fortune to fly to Spain, and I think that there is something special about Spanish girls. Alma has been with Chase Cross escorts for about 18 months and I am rather hooked on her. She has this exotic thing going on, and with her dark looks, she could easily come from the Middle East.

Like so many of the other girls at Chase Cross escorts, she is perfectly slim and has a pair of really shapely hips. I like girls with shapely hips.

Alma is a little bit on the kinky side and she likes to enjoy life in her own way. Fortunately for me, she does not mind sharing a few kinky little touches with me. We have tons of fun together, and she is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite sex kitten.

Life in Chase Cross

Life in Chase Cross is not really exciting. Well, that certainly applies to me. I really don’t have the time to get out and about. Sometimes it feels like I am forever at the petrol station filling my car up or on my way to the airport.

I am so glad for the company of the girls at cheap Chase Cross escorts. They are all super hot and I am sure that a lot of local gents really appreciate their company. I know that I do anyway.