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The village of Charing in Kent is the ideal place to settle in if you want to commute easily enough into London and have an affordable life style. It is close to the M20 motorway, and from Charing railway station, you can be in London Victoria very quickly.

Yes, Charing is a small village, but it is is very lovely. It is one of those English villages with a lively community and an active hight street packed with shops. I am glad that I found Charing in Kent, and made it my home.

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Charing Escorts in Kent

At first, I was not so sure that moving to Charing in Kent was the best idea, yeah it was affordable and everything was half the price of London but i still had reservations about the move. You hear so much about how these villagers hate Londoners that buy homes in these small villages. However, Charing in Kent is different and I must admit that I feel that I have been made more than welcome. As a matter of fact, it is more than a pleasure living here in Charing and I do really enjoy it.

I have always been a hard working kind of guy, and personal relationships have always gone wrong for me. Most of it has been down to pressure of work. It is not that anybody has forced me to work, I have enjoyed working so I have just made my career my life if you like. Just like so many other gents I do crave a bit of female companionship from time to time, and I found it with cheap Charing escorts.

When I first moved to Charing, I thought that I would have to date before I left London in the evening. But, after a couple of weeks in the villages, I began to hear rumours about cheap Charing escorts. To me, it seemed hard to believe that you could find a low cost escort agency in this kind of setting, but you can actually date outcall escorts in Charing.

In the end, I decided to check out cheap Charing escorts for myself, and was pleasantly surprised to found that the girls at Charing escorts were just as hot and sexy as escorts in London. The fact that the girls worked as outcall escorts was just so much better for me.

The girls at Charing escorts do have their own website, and I must admit that they are all stunning. Finding out which talent to date from Charing escorts was not going to be easy. Diana was a girl from Charing escorts who described her as curvy with everything your heart desires, and willing to explore new adventures. She sounded like my sort of girl, and was happy to come around my home later on that evening.

Diana from Charing Escorts

Diana from Charing escorts arrived driving her own car. The moment she opened those moist lips of her, I could hear that she was not a local girl. She explained that she was from Poland, but had previous experience of escorting in London. Just like me, Diana from Charing escorts, had enough of life in London and wanted something different. That is how she had come to join Charing escorts.

That evening over an excellent bottle of wine, Diana and I got to know each other a bit better. It was clear that this sexy blonde delight from Charing escorts, took pleasure in the same things in life as I did. We chatted but in the end we ended up getting to know each other on many levels. It was the perfect first date, and I knew that I just had to see Diana again. With her long slim legs and curvy hips, she was very much the sexiest blonde at Charing escorts. Just the sort of girl that you would like to spend plenty of time with on cold winter nights.

Life in Charing

Needless to say, Diana from Charing escorts and I still see each other. We just have so much in common and do really ravel in each others company. She is one these girls who you never get tired of. I often think that I cannot come up with anything new and different, but Diana can certainly do that for me.

I think that you know when you have found your dream girl. It is an instinctive feeling, and the girl of your dreams of makes you act on impulse. Diana was an impulse, and she calls her my little impulse buy. If that is the case, she is the best and sexiest impulse buy that I have ever made.