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Challock is a large area located near Ashford in Kent. It is one of the larger villages in the nearby Ashford area and has a population close to 1000 souls. It is set in the countryside and is mainly wooded. During the winter months, Challock in Kent can experience heavy snow fall thanks to the wind direction. Even so, this is a very affordable and attractive part of Kent to live, and you can easily make yourself at home in this part of Kent.

Challock  Escorts near Ashford Kent

After having finished my adventures overseas. I quickly managed to make myself at home in Challock near Ashford Kent as the house prices were nice and cheap. Yes, I could have moved somewhere else in the country, but if you like, I wanted to return to my roots. In many ways, I felt that was what I did when I moved back to Kent and the place where I used to spend most of my child out. After all, sometimes we are drawn to certain places.

Having spent most of my life travelling and working around the world, I had not really had a chance to settle down and start a relationship. Now I very much felt that it was too late and that I did not want to go through all of that. Yes, I craved low costing female companionship, but I thought that I might be able to go into London for that plus its too expensive. However, things were turn out rather differently than I had expected.

Would you believe that cheap outcall escorts can be found in Kent? I would never have associated this part of Kent with an escort agency and cheap outcall escorts, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bit of sexy companionship was available in Challock. The girls who worked as outcall escorts did not exactly scream and shout about themselves. Rather they could be discreetly be found on the Internet advertising their services.

The first time I came across cheap Challock escorts was one morning over breakfast. I was sitting at my breakfast table reading the papers online when an advert for cheap Challock escorts. To be honest, I was a bit shocked at first but the advert made me smile. After following the link, I came across the girls from Challock escorts and started to admire them. They were just as stunning and had just as much sex appeal, as many of the beauties that I had come across at London escorts services. One of the girls from Challock escorts caught my eye,  and I felt a certain stirring that I was only to familiar with. I just knew that I had to meet this hot blonde from Challock escorts.

Mia from Challock escorts

Mia from Challock escorts described herself as naughty but nice. I could see that this sexy vixen from Challock escorts had all of her curves in the right places, and was exactly that sort of girl that I like to spend time with.

The sexy Mia from Challock escorts pointed out in her profile that she was found of naughty games. It was beginning to sound like a match made in even and I was now dying to meet Mia from Challock escorts. I called the escort agency, and arranged a first date with Mia from cheap Challock escorts for later that evening.

Later on that evening, the girl of my dreams from Challock escorts, arrived on my doorstep. I wanted to savour the moment, so I opened the door very slowly. There she was in all her glory.

The next two hours with Mia seemed to go by in a whirlwind of emotions and pleasure. I enjoyed spending time with her, and she was not in a hurry to leave. Many outcall escorts are quick to leave, but Mia from Challock escorts did not rush off at all. She sort of more slowly departed and I must admit that it was sweet sorrow to see her go.

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