Chaldon escorts did a survey on men and how many prefer to be dominated in the bedroom

Chaldon is a typical English village located close to its much larger neighbour Croydon. It has a population about 1,735 residents and is a popular place for families to live. The village itself can trace its history back to the Domesday book where it is mentioned that a large manor could be found in the area. It is believed the village of Chaldon takes its name from the original manor which could be found on the site.

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Do All Men Like to Be Dominated in the Bedroom?

Which is the most popular fetish? Domination seems to be one of the most popular fetish practises at the moment. It has become increasingly mainstream, and even high street shops such as Ann Summers sell fetish gear. Take a look at your average porn site, and you will come across plenty of domination videos. What do the girls at cheap Chaldon escorts think about domination?

Amanda from the escort agency in Chaldon says that she does not mind a little bit of domination. However, she says that it is important to pay attention to what stage you are at when it comes to the art form of domination. During her career with cheap Chaldon escorts, she has met many men who think that they can go in at the deep end. There is no way she says. You really need to start off slowly and make sure that you are comfortable with domination. But, she does agree that more men than ever before like to be dominated.

Domination and Chaldon Escorts

But, we should be asking ourselves why domination has become so popular? Amanda says that men used to be frightened of letting go. She has noticed a distinct movement towards sexy domination during her time with cheap Chaldon escorts. According to Amanda, she says that men are keen to explore their sexual boundaries. They have for many years been playing other cheap sexy games, but as domination in so well done in the UK, men are lining up to try something different.

Has porn movies influenced the new art of domination? Amanda from Chaldon escorts has worked in the porn industry herself. Before she worked for Chaldon escorts, she was a successful porn star. Although she did indulge in some cal domination in her movies, she does not think that porn movies have influenced the popularity of domination. It seems to be more like word of mouth has made domination popular. One gent may have tried it, and told his friends about it.

Exploring Your Sexuality with the Escorts in Chaldon

Many men who date Chaldon escorts have tried other fetish practises before domination says, Amanda. They may have been into something like dating petite escort or role play dating. Amanda claims that businessmen visiting Chaldon are not so much interested in domination. It is mainly local men who like to try domination according to Amanda.

If you would like to try domination, it may be a good idea to initially set up a longer date. Your dominatrix needs to get to know you and ask you some questions. It is important that you tell her the truth. If you have not tried domination before, your dominatrix needs to know. She will start off slowly and explain the rules of domination to keep you safe. Cheap Chaldon escorts are more than happy to explain more to you. It is not the sort of thing that can be explained over the phone. If you would like to try domination, it is better to arrange for a longer date as there are a lot of things to go over before play can start. Yes, believe it or not, Chaldon escorts think about domination as some sort of play.

Setting Up Dates with Chaldon Escorts

If you are not into domination, you can still contact the hot girls at the company. The girls are expert at many other things, and whatever your heart desires can be found here in Chaldon. It is not expensive to date these ladies, and if you are new to dating cheap companions, the girls will make sure that you are made extra comfortable on your first date.