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Carshalton in Sutton in Surrey can only be described as a suburb to London. It is located in a valley and gives you very much the impression that it is a cheap small rural village. There are two rather large lakes in the center of town, and they are fed by the river Wandle.

This is a rather wealthy part of Surrey and has for many years been considered to be part of the Surrey stockbroker belt. Buying a house in Carshalton is not exactly cheap, and you have probably have to well establish to live here.

Spending Time With Carshalton Escorts

I moved to Carhshalton after my divorce. In many ways I felt that I needed some peace and quiet for the soul. Selling my London home was a welcome weight off my shoulders. I was able to buy a home outright here in Carshalton and put some money in the back. However,  a couple of months after enjoying the local facilities such as the gold club and the cheap local pubs. I started to feel a bit lonely and started to look around for some company. Most of the local ladies were all spoken for and I felt rather out of it to be honest.

One night, in a pub, I bumped into a charming young lady called Anna. We had a nice chat, and at the end of the evening, I could have kicked myself for not taking her number. After all, I had thought that she was way to young for me.

When I went to take the keys out of my pocket outside the front door, I found a card in my pocket. It advertised cheap Carshalton escorts. I did not even know at the time that we had an affordable escort agency in Carshalton and I have to say that I was a bit surprised.

I must admit that I hastily got out my iPad and checked out cheap Carshalton escorts. It turned out that the fine young ladies offered a low cost outcall escorts service in town. Was my pretty young lady there? She certainly was and I now knew that I could see her again.

To be honest, I was a bit reluctant to call Carshalton escorts for the first time. I did not know what to say. Yes, I had dated outcall escorts before, but I had not used a local escort agency. Carshalton escorts were after based locally and I know how much gossip goes around in places like this. But, after a little while, and a glass of Dutch courage, I called the local escort agency.

My First Date with Carshalton Escorts

The girl on the reception was really nice and I asked if I could met up with Anna who was the girl from Carshalton escorts that I had met in the bar. Luckily for me she was available and her rates were cheap, and an hour later she came around.

Anna from Carshalton escorts was just as stunning as I remembered her and I invited her in for a drink. I must say that I was more than a little nervous but this sexy lady was more than capable to look after me. Out first evening came to an end all too soon, bit I swore that I would meet up with sexy lady from Carshalton escorts soon again. However a week went past before I was able to do so again.

Since that day, I have been seeing Anna from Carshalton escorts on a much more regular basis. She is one of the hottest and sexiest girls at the escort agency, and I cannot get enough of her. A couple of times I have been tempted to date other sexy ladies at Carshalton escorts but I have never got around to it. Anna is my number one girl at the escort agency, and I don’t think that I will ever be able to get enough of her.

My Life in Carshalton

My life in Carshalton has certainly changed. Not only am I having a lot of fun dating Anna at cheap Carshalton escorts, but I have been able to get a lot more involved in local life as well. I rather enjoy living in this part of Surrey now. Even my mates down at the golf club has seen a change in me and say that I walk with a new spring in my step.

But, I have to say that golf is not any longer the main interest in my life. Anna has seen to that but that does not matter to me at all, the main thing is that I am enjoying life.

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