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Cambridge Heath is a part of the East End of London. It forms part of the London Borough of Tower hamlets, and is a rather crowded and busy inner city part of East London. In recent years, more and more new homes have started to spring up in this part of London. As it is located on the Regents Canal, it has become a very desirable part of London to live in and property prices are going up, so not cheap at all. Like always, London’s canal network is a big attraction for many Londoners.

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Despite all of the modern development here in Cambridge Heath, we still have a a few cheap local pubs and places to hang out. Unlike so many other parts of London, you cannot say that Cambridge Heath have lost all of its character yet. Sometimes I like to take out the hot girls from Cambridge Heath escorts to a local place. It is just nice with some sexy female company for you to enjoy ona Friday or Saturday night. I am fairly busy during the week, but I have often find that the weekend is when I crave some sexy female companionship the most. Fortunately, I can just pick up the phone and call Cambridge Heath escorts. In a matter of minutes, I can have a hot sexy vixen at my door. All of the girls that I have net at cheap Cambridge Heath escorts have been sexy tarts, and I have never had a disappointing date. It is a bit cheaper to date in Cambridge Heath, but I guarantee that our local outcall escorts are just as hot and sexy as the vixens in the West of London. So, if you are in the mood for some adult fun, you should perhaps come and visit us here in the East of London.