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Camberley in Surrey is one of the more affluent parts of the county. It has a population about 38,000 residents and has excellent transport links to London and the rest of Surrey. Many of the local residents in Camberley commute into London for work, but in recent years, more and more companies have set up cheap offices in this part of Surrey. Thanks to its proximity to both Heathrow and Gatwick, Camberley has become a very popular place for businessmen to live.  The homes in the local Camberley area are of high quality and the average income per resident is higher than in other places in Surrey. 

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Are you looking for a job which will give you a sense of personal freedom and that you can enjoy more than a regular job? I used to work as an airline hostess. Initially, I thought it was the best job ever, but I soon found out that it was not really for me. The money was not bad, but at the same time, I felt I was not getting so much out of the experience. Instead of pushing a trolley around in a metal tube in the sky, I wanted to do something different. I knew some of the passengers rather well, but it was not enough.

I started to look around the local Camberley area and came across cheap Camberley escorts. It was like the answer to my concerns had hit me in the face, and I knew exactly what I needed to do. That very afternoon I got together some of my profile air hostess photos and sent them to the escort agency in Camberley. A week later I was on my first date with the escort agency on Camberley.

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Many girls think that working as an air hostess is a glamorous job and you get to see the world. It is not true. Since I have been with the Camberley escorts, I have seen more of the world. As a mature escort, I really do think that escorts can make a different in many men’s lives. A lot of businessmen do not want a constant companion. They are simply too busy, and a permanent personal relationship would only be stressful for them. Dating girls from Camberley escorts are for them a lifestyle choice.

As a result, working as an escort becomes a bit of a lifestyle choice as well. I have a fantastic lifestyle and in general, consider myself to be a very lucky girl. One of the best things about working for cheap Camberley escorts is that I don’t have to put on the same uniform every day of the week. Instead, I can truly be myself and I have been given freedom of expression.

Do All Girls Make Great cheap Camberley Escorts?

I don’t think that all girls out there would make good Camberley escorts. Camberley is a rather affluent part of Surrey and you need to have a certain approach to dating in Camberley as I like to say to the girls who are new the escort agency in Camberley. You can have a lot of fun working for Camberley escorts, but at the same time, you need to appreciate you need to put in some effort. 

Having come from a professional background as an airline hostess helped me a lot. I know how to look after people, and it is clear that many of the busy businessmen who are regulars at the escort agency in Camberley, appreciate that. Yes, it is fun to work as an escort in Surrey, but to make the most out of it, you need to truly care for the gentlemen you date.  Ultimately it is about creating the right personal experience for your date.  When you do that, you will get the chance to have some fun yourself. This is how you build up a dating diary and get to know your gents. Once you know them and what they enjoy doing on a date, it is a lot easier to fit in with them and feel relaxed about working for Camberley escorts services.