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Brooklands is a village in Surrey which is famous for its aerospace museum than the village itself. However, it is a pretty little village and is ideally located within the Surrey commuter belt. Unsurprisingly, it has over the years become the home of many workers at Heathrow and Gatwick, and you will find that many pilots, in particular, has made Brooklands their home.

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How to Preserve Your Looks

Are you a hard-working girl who is interested in preserving your looks? In that case, you could do so much worse than to take some advice from the girls at the cheap Brooklands escorts service. You may even say that the girls who work as Brooklands escorts have got it down to a fine art. 

If you are genuinely Interested in preserving your good looks, it is important to acknowledge what you may be doing wrong at the moment. Are you a smoker? If you do smoke, you should give it up. Not only can smoking cause a lot of dangerous illnesses but it makes a mess out of your skin as well. It causes wrinkles and dries out your skin. None of the girls at cheap Brooklands escorts smoke. Giving up smoking is their number one beauty tip.

Working late at night is another thing that you should be careful with. Shift work has long been behind a number of health issues and one of them is premature aging. Working the night shift more than four nights per week has been proven to reduce moisture levels in the skin and cause conditions such as insomnia. This is why you will find that Brooklands escorts only do a few night shifts per week.

More Hot and Sexy Beauty Tips from Brooklands Escorts

When you are serious about looking hot and sexy for the rest of your life, there are another a couple of things that you should pay attention to. Changing your looks every so often can do wonders for you. Why not go with the seasons like the girls at Brooklands escorts. Visit the beauty counter at your local department store and see what tips the girls can give you. I think that we should all we can to support our ailing high street, and some department stores have excellent deals on both skincare and makeup.

Have some fun as well. When I am not on my feet at cheap Brooklands escorts, I love nothing better than getting away for a few days. Going to a spa is one thing but sometimes I just like to do something really girlie with my friends. That could mean getting a cheap airline ticket to New York and going shopping with my girlfriends. Having fun can really help you when it comes to staying young and preserving your good looks. It is amazing how good a day’s shopping with your girlfriends can make you feel. 

Spa Weekends are Not Only For Girls

It makes me laugh, but men are so reluctant to go to spas. Modern-day spas are like great big hotels and you may not even notice that you are enjoying a healthy weekend. The last time I went to a spa, I ended up having a really good time and I loved every moment of it. This time I have managed to talk one of my dates at Brooklands escorts to come with me. I  hope that he is going to enjoy as much as I do, and believe it or not, the treatment range for men is really good. 

Sometimes I also encourage one of my more hardworking dates at cheap Brooklands escorts to take me away for the weekend. I don’t look to get anything special out of my weekend, but I know that a change of scenery is good for both of us. Some of the men I date do work really hard and they often forget to look after themselves. A couple of weekends away per year will do you good and make you feel wonderful. Living a life which is more fun is certainly the best way to preserve your looks for the future, and we should all be letting our hair down more.