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Are you looking for the an idyllic English village? If you are look no further that Brook near Ashford in Kent. This pretty little village is settled in top of a hill among the rolling hills of the North Downs in Kent. Brook near Ashford in Kent is so pretty that it could easily be called a chocolate box village.  The River Great Stour meanders softly nearby, and much of the village life in Brook is based on rural activities and pursuits.  As a matter of fact, Brook is the ideal place for a second home.

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Brook Escorts are sexy yet affordable

A year back, I decided to invest some of my spare cash in a property outside of London. The prices in town were just crazy and the property boom in London had left many people like me without options when it came to buying a second investment property. I knew Brook near Ashford in Kent from visiting many years ago, and decided to go back there.  Fortunately I was able to find exactly what I was looking for without too many problems.

Initially, I had not thought about living in the place, but after refurbishing the cottage a little bit, I soon felt at home in Brook and started to spend my weekends in Brook. At first, I really enjoyed the piece and quiet of the place, but I eventually started to feel a bit lonely at weekends.

Just sitting in front of the fire one night browsing the local Brook near Ashford pages, I came across an advert from Brook escorts. I thought it was kind of funny to find escorts in this part of Kent, but I just went with the flow.

Checking out Brook escorts, I noticed that this local escort agency worked on an outcall escorts basis. That suited me fine as I did not really want to go out that rather cold autumn evening in Brook. Going through the images of the girls at Brook escorts, I came across a brunette beauty with shed loads of sex appeal. She was the sort of girl that I had expected to find at an escort agency back in town, but to find a girl like that Brook escorts was a bit of surprise. Needless to say, she turned me on and I decided to give Brook escorts a call to see if Kim was available for a date. Luckily for me, Kim from Brook escorts was able to come to visit me straight away.

Lexus from Brook Escorts

About 45 minutes later, Lexus from Charlotte Brook escorts swanked her way into my life. She was one of the hottest girls that I had ever seen, and had an air of sex and naughty adventures about her. I was glad that I had made that call to Brook escorts.

It was raining outside, so Lexus was wearing a mack over her tight little dress. Anxious that this sexy young lady from Brook escorts was going to get cold, I ushered her into my living from and put her in front of the fire.

Lexus from the cheapest Brook escorts waisted no time. She looked at me like she was about to pounce, and gently touched my stomach. I like a nice flat stomach on a man, she purred. I explained to this little sexy wonder from Brook escorts that I was a keen rower and spend many hours rowing on the river. Oh, she said, I bet you have some knots and little aches that I can sort out.

Without another thing being said, she started to massage me and I could feel myself letting go under her capable touch. Lexus from Brook escorts had warm and soothing hands that can heal all of your stresses and pains. I knew immediately that I was going to have to meet up with this sexy brunette from Brook escorts soon again. Perhaps, this was the girl I had waited for all of my life.

My Secret Love Shack

My cottage in Brook is now my secret love shack. I may have bought it like an investment property but I keep on going back to it for rather different reasons. The girls from Brook escorts is of course the foremost reason why I visit Brook near Ashford in Kent. I feel myself drawn to this part of Kent.

Now, I pack a bag faithfully every Thursday evening, and look forward to my escape to the country on Friday night after work. I never need to worry about being lonely as the girls from Brook escorts are always there for my pleasure.