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Before I moved to Bow, I did not know a lot about the area. This is actually one of the more ancient parts of London, and was a village called Bow-atte-Bow back in the medieval times. It is today a part of East London, and has had a bit of a checkered history. It has always been rather culturally diverse, and today, it still remains so. The Olympic Park is next to Bow, and the name itself, refers to an old bridge which used exist. However, this is long gone. The great thing about Bow is that you don’t any longer need to rely on the old Bryant and May match factory to set your heart on fire, Bow escorts are just as capable in doing that.

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  • Ella

  • Emily

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My babes in Bow

When I first moved out to Bow, there wasn’t really a Bow escorts service. The truth is that the recent regeneration of Bow has changed the local neighborhood at lot. Now days Bow is one of the most culturally diverse areas in London, and you don’t need to travel abroad to date foreign girls. It seems that escorts from all over the world, often start off their careers here in Bow, and then perhaps move on. I have met some lovely novice Bow escorts which have with their innocence managed to set my heart and loins on fire.

Many of the local Bow escorts services, seem to specialize in introducing girls into escorting and making them into professionals. The thing is, as Bow is culturally diverse, the girls here are probably the best. They need to be familiar with, and comfortable with, many different dating styles. After all, it seem like we all have different ideas. Some of us like it hot. others prefer just a little bit of spice.

Sulina at Bow escorts

I like dating Bow escorts as you don’t have to get on an airplane to meet hot girls. Sulina is a hot Indian bit of stuff who works for Bow escorts, and just goes to prove what a diverse agency this is. She is an amazing lady, and her hands and her body can give you a tantric massage experience beyond words. It can be hard to find hot and exciting Indian escorts in London, but I have struck gold with my Sulina. I love every moment that I spend with her, and let’s put it this way, I never know what is going to happen next.

Unfortunately, Sulina is not always available as she also teaches yoga down at one of the local Indian culture centers. I have to say that I have watched her do yoga a few times, and I have never seen a woman’s body flex and bend like that. To be honest, I have some very string sexy fantasies about Sulina, and it has made me appreciate that the pictures in the Kama Sutra, are very similar to many yoga poses. Sulina is just an amazing turn on, and I never get tired at the sight of her delicate clear sari.

Tedious Life

I am pretty sure that without Bow escorts, my life would be pretty tedious. When I come home from work in the City, I am more or less ready to collapse. It is really the only the thought of the weekend that keeps me going. In all honestly, I cannot be bothered to get involved with other girls at the office. It is not easy to meet girls here in London, and the ones I do meet, are not a patch on Bow escorts. Perhaps I have managed to spoil myself with the delightful company of Bow escorts, I don’t really know.

However, I do know that a lot of gents complain about a tedious or a boring life in London. I think if that happened to me, I would have to do something about it. Dating girls can be a lot of fun, but I am not really after romance. I was badly burned once so I am not going to go down that route again. The babes of Bow escorts give me all of the female companionship that I could ever desire and need, I would much rather date them.

Bow escorts

Of course, Frannie’s real name is Francesca and she is from France. It is amazing really, but I think that Bow escorts truly represent the actual community here in Bow. This is probably one of the few places where you get Europeans, Asians and Brits living next to each other. We all seem to have accepted that we only have one globe and we all strive to get along with each other. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but it seems to work out most of the time.

The lovely Frannie comes from the European dating culture and she is half raunchy, half sophisticated. She always seems to have something to say for herself, and loves to whisper little things in French in your ear. Her dating culture seem to entail the sexiest lingerie and the most sensual touches. If this is what French escorts are like, I wish that I would have been born in France. This is just one of those ladies who is always ready to please, just what you need after a hard week in London.

I know that I am not the only gent appreciates the diversity, and all of the hot girls, at Bow escorts. The amount of local gents who enjoy dating the local Bow escorts talent has surprised me, and I am not sure that we always have enough escorts to go around. Well, at least I know that if my hot Indian babe, or my French girl is not available, I can date one of the hot Polish or other Eastern European girls. In my eyes, the always seem to be ready to have some hot and exciting adult fun. Many of the local guys must feel exactly the same way, the agency is always busy.