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Boughton Aluph is a historic village near Ashford in Kent. It is a very rural area and most of 2,500 residents work in nearby Ashford or in London. Some people even call this part of Ashford in Kent the Kent stockbroker belt as so many workers from the City of London seem to have second homes in Boughton Aluph. After all, Boughton Aluph is easily reached from Ashford. The railway connection from Ashford into London are excellent, and perhaps this is why so many Londoners have settled this close to Ashford.

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Moving to a new place is never easy, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first moved to Boughton Aluph. I knew that I was not going to have a lot of time to myself as I was going to be going in and out of London a lot. But, at least I was away from London and could relax a little bit more.

The downside was that I had left all of my friends in London behind. Even my girlfriend and I had split up and I was not sure what was going to happen to my personal life. Before my girlfriend and I had hooked up, I had been rather into dating outcall escorts. However, I was pretty sure that an escort agency was something that Boughton Aluph did not posses. I could not have been more wrong.

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The following evening, Friday, I came home a bit earlier. I hastily looked through the Boughton Alulph escorts website and found that the girl I had seen the night before was on duty. Her name was Kelly, and I just new that I had to meet her.

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A quick call to Boughton Aluph escorts arranged the date, and all I had to do was to wait for Kelly to turn up. About an hour later, Kelly drove up my drive way and just about avoided hitting my car. It was by now raining slightly, so I let her in a hurry. After all, I did not want my new friend from Boughton Aluph escorts to get wet unless she needed to.

She still reminded me a little bit of the other escort that I had dated back in London. However, it was not the same girl. We chatted for a little while and I told her what I enjoyed doing on a date. It was clear that this sexy lady from Boughton Aluph escorts was really into the finer things in life, so we spent an interesting couple of hours together. It was great to get to know her and I think that she felt the same way about me. Later on that evening I found it difficult to get Kelley from Boughton Aluph escorts out of my head.

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I know that Kelly is not the only girl at Boughton Aluph escorts, but I feel that we have a special connection. She is certainly very sexy and a bit on the daring side. We have met several times since our first date and I have enjoyed every minute that I spent with this sexy young lady.

It is hard to believe that Kelly from Boughton Aluph escorts is only 21 years old. She seems to have a lot of life experience and is certainly a very hot girl. I would love to spend more time with her as she seriously turns me on. But, there is not enough hours in the day, or night, for my Kelly. A girl like her certainly deserves a little bit of extra attention if you know what I mean…