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I moved away from Bonnington near Ashford in Kent when I was a little boy. It was becoming hard to find work so our family of four ended up in London. For some reason, mom and dad never sold the house and gave it to me many years later. By then, the little village school in Bonnington had closed and things seemed to have changed forever. Most of the residents now work in nearby town or in London. I am probably one of few locals who have returned to Bonnington in Kent in recent years.

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Meeting Bonnington Escorts

I thought that living in Bonnington was going to be okay at first. It felt really good to escape London, but after a few months I ended up a bit lonely. Mind you, Bonnington is located just south of Ashford and you can always pop into Ashford when you want a bit of company.

However, the evenings back in Bonnington were the worst until I came across a very affordable Bonnington escorts agency. Now when I am in the mood for some company in the evening, I just give Bonnington escorts a call.

An escort agency in the countryside seemed a bit of a strange concept first of all, but I soon realized that the Londoners who lived in the village probably enjoyed the service of Bonnington outcall escorts. If they used the escort agency, why should I not use the agency. In the end, I gave Bonnington escorts a call.

The girl who answered the phone, suggested that I check out their website. To be honest, the Bonnington escorts website was as professional and user friendly as many London agencies web site. Bonnington escorts gave me the impression that they knew exactly what they were all about, and I soon find my dream date at Bonnington escorts. Later on that evening, I gave the escort agency a call again and asked for an outcall from a girl called Katie.

Katy from Bonnington Escorts

It felt like I had just put the phpone down, when I heard a car coming up the drive. The car was a little old Mini. A sexy blonde with long legs stepped out of the car as I anxiously opened the door. Could this be her?

The girl getting out of the Mini was indeed Katy from Bonnington escorts. She looked totally natural and gave me s nice smile. Noticing that she had a problem picking her way through wetness of my front path, I offered to help. After getting her high heel stuck more than once, she simply took them off and rushed up the wet path in her stocking feet. It was kind of funny and we both laughed.

Once in my house, I quickly learned that Katy was Bonnington escorts was one of the most easy going girls that I had ever met. We chatted and got to know each other. I could not believe it, but Katy told me she had worked in London and not lived a million miles away from me.

Knowing that we had something in common helped me to relax. After all, I had not dated outcall escorts for a very long time. I reminded Katy that I had told the reception at cheap Bonnington escorts that I was kind of new to this. She just laughed and said she was not as scary as the dentist.

A couple of glasses of wine in front of the fire place later, I did not care about anything. Katy from Bonnington escorts was still there and we were having the time of our lives. The truth is that I should have called Bonnington escorts much sooner. I was glad that I had finally picked up the courage to do so.

Going Home

Went Katy from Bonnington escorts left around midnight, my house became a much quieter place. I watched the embers of the fire flicker out and went to bed. That night I dreamed sweet dreams and called Bonnington escorts in the morning. I wanted to remind myself how good it felt to be with Kathy, but more than anything I just wanted to see her again.

In a few short hours, Katy had become my sexy companion for Bennington escorts she told me that i could also locate her by looking at Charlotte Kent escorts. In many ways it felt too good to be true and I just had to pinch myself that this sexy young lady in her old Mini was dating me. It is more than any man can wish for …