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Would you like to buy some mushrooms? You are not going to believe this but Bilting near Ashford in Kent, is one of the main mushroom growing districts in the UK.  I came across Bilting when I was shopping for the restaurant that I own in London with a friend of mine. Always being interested in extending our supplier base, I decided to visit Bilting. It is nothing more than a hamlet really, and many of the local farms in Bilting specialize in supplying mushrooms for local farmer’s markets.

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Cooking with Affordable Bilting Escorts

Since that day in August, I have been back to Bilting many times. It was on my second visit when I decided to buy a small place in Bilting. At the time, I did not have a clue that I was going to become hooked on dating Bilting escorts a couple of months later.

To be honest, Bilting near Ashford in Kent is not exactly the kind of place you associate with an escort agency, let alone outcall escorts. After all, only about 400 people live in Bilting, so to find Bilting escorts came as a bit of a shock.

Sometimes it is just good to get out of London, and I very much felt that I needed a break. A couple of days away in my new place in Bilting would make feel a lot better I reasoned with myself.

Packing up my car with everything that I needed for the weekend, I started to feel a bit lonely and missed not having a travelling companion. Just for fun, I put in a search for Bilting companions to see if there was a single’s club in Bilting, and to my surprise Bilting escorts came up.

Hand on hard, I did date escorts back in London. Running a busy restaurant was not the easiest thing to do and it did take up a lot of time. Would I date Bilting escorts as i saw the were good value and affordable? I decided to worry about that when I got into Bilting.

That evening, when I arrived in Bilting, I decided to check out Bilton escorts again before I prepared my evening meal. The girls at the agency were indeed sexy and I did feel that I wanted somebody to talk to that night. In the end, I called Bilting escorts and arranged a date with a girl called Monika. She looked really sexy and had a nice smile. Like so many of the other outcall escorts that I date, she was a brunette.

Meeting Monika from Bilting Escorts

It did not take long for Monika from Bilting escorts to arrive. She was just as in the photos on the Bilting escorts website. A stunning lady with a generous cleavage and long legs was perhaps the best way to describe Monika.

That evening a slight chill had come over Bilting so I had lit a fire in the fire place. Monika was wearing a sexy cardigan, low cut jeans and boots and seemed to appreciate the fire. I asked her if she was hungry and she said yes.

I started to prepare the food when she came into the kitchen and started to chat. Immediately I took to this sexy young lady from Bilting escorts and almost lost track of time and space. She seemed to enjoy helping me with the food preparation and we were soon at the table enjoy our wine and meal.

How I ended up on the sofa with Monika from Bilting Charlotte escorts I will never know, but that is where I woke up later on that evening. Somehow I had fallen asleep. When I stirred slightly I felt a pair of long shapely legs stretch out next to me. My delight from Bilting escorts – Monika – was still by my side.

Weekends in Bilting

Soon weekends in Bilting became a regular part of my life. By now I could actually write a cook book called Cooking with Bilting Escorts. Well, a better title would be cooking with Monika. Monika may have been the hottest girl at Bilting escorts, but she turned out to be my dream girl. A couple of months later, Monika and I are spending as much time in Bilting as we do in London.

Cooking up new adventures and new fun with Monika has rather taken over my life and I love every minute that we spend together. I have a funny feeling that Monika feels the same way. Little did I know that this girl from Bilting escorts was going to be more than just another escort…