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Are you looking for that perfect rural and countryside village in England? If you are look no further that Bilsington south of Ashford in Kent. This is a village which is full of charming listed period cottages and small rural farms. It is the main agricultural area of Ashford in Kent, and you are are much more likely to run into a tractor than you are a posh sports car. Bilsington near Ashford in Kent is home to a local population of just of 284 residents, and many of the work in the agriculture industry.

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If it wasn’t for cricket, I may never have found Bilsington and Bilsington escorts. I was sitting there relaxing in my chair when a stunning young lady came up and spoke to me. She had a slight accent but explained that she had never really understood the English game of cricket. Of course, I was only pleased to explain the mysteries of cricket to her.

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Later on that evening, I could not help but to check out the Bislington escorts website. I had dated escorts in London, but that was many years ago before my marriage fell apart. In need of some female companionship that evening, I called the telephone number and arranged date with a girl called Lavender. A couple of hours later, the sexy and delicate flower called Lavender, knocked on my door.

She was a beautiful blonde girl. Okay, I had wanted to meet up with my friend from the cricket match, but unfortunately she was not available that evening. Perhaps she was out about promoting Bislington escorts services.

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After expressing my surprise to Lavender of finding a local escort agency, and outcall escorts in Bislington, I admired her beauty. Lavender was certainly a very natural girl. Unlike other escorts, she did not have long red nails. Instead she seemed to have opted for a much more discreet French manicure. I soon learned that cheap Bislington escorts were all about discretion and that they did not want to stand out at all.

Lavender was wearing a dark purple skirt with an off the shoulder top in the same color. She looked amazing and I kept on wondering what else she would reveal. Her golden locks tumbled seductively over her shoulders and I noticed that she was wearing a delicate lace bra. Altogether this was a really stunning package from Bislington escorts. I really started to look forward to our evening together.

Lavender and I chatted for a while. She said that she could tell that I was a bit tense and anxious. Not having had the pleasure of female company for a while did get me nervous, but Lavender, who had been with Bislington escorts for a few months, soon had me nice and relaxed. She treated me to a gentle message with those nice soft hands of hers.

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Well, I had never thought that Bislington was going to turn out to be so exciting. Affordable Bislington escorts are special young ladies and some of the most exciting girls that I have ever met. I don’t spend all of my time here in Bislington, but when I do, I make sure that I hook up with one of the girls at Bislington escorts.

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