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A Beginner’s Guide to Playing with Feet

Do you enjoy fishing? If you enjoy fishing, one of the best places to visit in Kent is Beult. This beautiful, pretty village has a long history associated with trout fishing. As a matter of fact, apart from Hampshire, Beult in Kent is one of the best places to visit for a spot of trout fishing. Beult and the surrounding area, is packed with attractive rural accommodation and enjoyable country pubs. 

If you don’t enjoy fishing, there are other things to delight you in Beult Kent. Perhaps you would like to meet some of the sexiest girls in Kent? In that case, all you have to do is to pick up the phone and call cheap Beult escorts. If the girls are not too busy practising their foot fetish skills, they are more than likely available for a date or two. 

Were you surprised that I mentioned the phrase “foot fetish”? The thing is that foot fetishes are perhaps one of the most common fetishes in the UK. Of course, there are many other fetishes that the girls at cheap Beult escorts are familiar with when it comes down to it, but foot fetishes are something that they are really good at. Not all of the girls have a foot fetish, but many of them do. 

Beult Escorts On Foot Fetishes

Why are so many men and women turned on by having their feet played with? Well, according to cheap Beult escorts, our feet are packed with nerve endings. When they are stimulated, feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters are released into the blood stream. These are natural opioids that can make you feel on top of the world in no time at all. Can you achieve an orgasm when someone plays with your feet? Most London Escorts say no you can’t!

I have to admit that I have never experienced this. But I have had some really good foot play sessions with my friend at Beult escorts which have brought me a lot of pleasure. There is no reason why you should not try a bit of foot play as part of your fun together. Is it for everybody? No, it is not for everybody, but it would be fair to say that many do get a kick out of it. 

Before You Start Playing With Someone’s Feet

What do you need to know before you start playing with someone’s feet? There are several points that I would like to cover. Most of the girls at cheap Beult escorts have very good foot hygiene, but that does not mean that goes for the rest of the population. Men in particular do not always look after their feet very well. If you are concerned about foot health, you should follow the same steps as cheap Beult escorts. 

The first thing you should do, is to inspect the foot, Any ulcers, warts and cuts? If you do find anything that looks a bit suspect, you should not really play with that person’s feet. When the feet look okay, there are still precautions that you should take. I know that most of the girls at Beult escorts have their own foot spas. Having your feet cleaned is not only good for you, it is a pleasurable experience as well. 

Techniques to Use When Playing With The Feet

Can you kiss the feet? Kissing the feet is fine. If you don’t want to touch the feet with your hands, you can also tickle them with a feather or brush. Brushing the feet gently is a very nice technique. Not only is it a turn on, but it is a very relaxing experience as well. The girls at Beult escorts have a variety of techniques that they like to try. If this is your first experience, it is always best to say so. 

Can I get addicted to my foot fetish? No matter what fetish you may have, it will probably be with you for the rest of your life. 

When you are ready to find out more about your favorite fetish, all you have to do is to contact Beult escorts or any of the other ladies below. The girls at the escort agency do like to keep us all up to date with the latest fun and developments as far as fetishes are concerned. 


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